Can you achieve goals working out at home?

With a huge portion of the world on "lock down" people are concerned about going out to fitness classes, the gym or group events. A question I have been asked hundreds of times over the years is "can you really achieve your goals working out at home?" The simple answer is yes... As long as... Continue Reading →

Should You Avoid the Gym During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Exercise is an important part of being healthy and maintaining a healthy body, as is a well balanced and nutritious diet. However with growing concerns around the fast spreading COVID-19 virus, is it wise to skip the gym and perhaps workout at home instead? As it stands, the UK currently has around 1140 confirmed cases... Continue Reading →

5 Things You Need In Your Gym Bag

If you are heading out to the gym today, what's in your kit? Do you have any essential items that you MUST have with you in order to make your workout enjoyable, meaningful, effective or do you just rock up and hope for the best? Whether it's accessories or leggings, trainers or a specific sports... Continue Reading →

New Year Goals

When it comes to fitness, health & weight loss, it is easy to be overly enthusiastic in the beginning. Setting yourself a final end goal and heading out into the gym or studio with your shiny new pumps on – The Newbie! I’ve seen my fair share of “Newbies” over the past 11 years of... Continue Reading →

Are You Even Breathing?

There is a wellness crisis going on across the world with modern day levels of depression and anxiety at an all-time high. Globally more than 300 million individuals suffer from depression, and this is just the “officially” diagnosed number.

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