Five Ways to get Winter Beach Ready

Are you jetting off somewhere tropical and warm this winter?
Good for you…. room for a little one in your suitcase?

But, seriously, if you are jetting off to sunnier climates over the darker and colder months here in the UK, then I am genuinely happy for you! We all get a little cabin-feverish and stir crazy with the shorter days and lack of sunshine.
I think it’s almost certain that living north of the equator almost guarantees a Vitamin-D deficiency, so if you are still trying to convince yourself or anyone else for that matter… it really is good for your health! 😉

I think it is funny how come January through to April, maybe even pushing May, all of the personal trainers and fitness sites push Summer Bodies Made in Winter blogs and articles, yet barely anyone thinks about those jetting off over the winter… in which case… Winter Bodies are made in Summer/Autumn.
So if you are soaring into the skies and landing somewhere where Pina Coladas run from the taps and sunshine is a given, then this one is for you!

Woman walking on the beach summer vacation

So when are you going?
How long do you have until take off?
Have you given yourself enough time to achieve any results?
Have you picked out your swimwear yet? Two Piece? Tankini? All in One?

When you are getting beach ready, the actual process is relatively simple, and many women (and men) approach it from the wrong angle. It’s all work, work, work in the gym, a little bit of effort in the kitchen and zero effort on actually building your confidence, which is all in your head… not your abs…

So, really, when trying to get beach ready, you should start with your Mindset, then tackle your diet and the last piece of the puzzle is your physical body.
In order to feel confident on the beach, you need to love the skin that you are in!

So here are my top five tips for loving yourself confident, rather than beasting yourself sore.
#1. Reconnect with your Body!

If you are like most women, and you have been jumping from one diet to another to another for a number of years, yo-yo-ing up and down, back and forth and so on, then there is a very high chance that you have lost your connection with your body. Yeah, I know, sounds weird, right?
But bear with…
Look down for a second. Seriously, do it now… LOOK DOWN!
What do you see?
How do you feel when you see this?
Oh hey there body, skin and bones, muscles and fat, arms and legs. Hey! How are you?

When was the last time you actually noticed, or felt your body in a GOOD way?
As a race, and a species, we are bloody awful at feeling things… We think way too much, analyse everything, look for answers, explanations, reasons and so on. We very rarely feel, and certainly not when it comes to our own body.
I can almost guarantee that if you are feeling anything within your body right now, as you read this, then it will be a negative! It will be illness, a pain, a discomfort, a disappointment, etc.
It wont be all “hey, I feel good! My body feels good“.
We are so focussed on negatives, that we miss out on all the positives. And if there isn’t a negative, then we just don’t notice anything at all.

Right now, whilst you are reading this I want you to think about your BIG toe on the left foot… Feel it? Yeah, because I made you notice it! It feels fine, no complaints, right. Thats a good “feel“.

We need to reconnect and start to “feel” more than we think! We need to hear our bodies and hear what she is saying to us, and even if we do feel a negative, rather than dismissing it, and getting frustrated with that negged out sensation, explore WHY it feels that way?

Think about this for a second…. Do you suffer with bloating?
Ok, so you notice the bloated feeling, maybe even complain or moan about the feeling, but have you ever considered WHY you are bloated? Have you ever considered that your body is trying to send you a message?
What have you put into your body that she doesn’t like? Maybe try exploring the cause, rather than complaining about the symptom. Find the cause, fix the problem, relieve the symptom.

So that is the basics of step ONE! Reconnect with your body. Listen the the messages and signs that she is giving you, take notice, listen, learn and change.
You will start to feel the improvements within days of making a few very small changes that your body has asked for. Listen to her!


#2. Love Yourself!

Really, loving yourself follows on from reconnecting to your body. The more you reconnect, the more you listen, learn and act upon what your body tells you, and the more you will remedy your relationship with your body and your relationship with food. As you start to feel better in your body and mind, you will naturally start to love yourself and your body more.

Fixing the most important relationship that you will have in your life EVER (as in, the one you have with yourself) is a critical step to healing all of the relationships that you have within your life with others.

Be kind to yourself and stop berating your body!
She hears you and it hurts her… she is always listening!
Be gentle and listen to what you are telling yourself and what you are making yourself believe.
If you say or hear something enough times, you will convince yourself that it is true. This is why people who compulsively lie can’t actually differentiate between the lie and the truth… they have said it so many times, that they now believe their own lies!

Now, I am not saying that you are lying… but if you are constantly handing yourself a dose of vicious self-loathing, telling yourself that you are ugly, fat, not worthy or any other words that cut deep, then you will eventually believe all of what you are saying.
Worse still, if you keep saying these things, then these are the kind of things that you will attract into your life.
People who do not value you either.
People who will slap you down, slag you off, belittle you and make you feel worse!

Don’t allow this to happen. Be strong. Be a goddess! Be You! And BE GORGEOUS!
Tell yourself great things, tell yourself you are lovable, worthy, gorgeous, special, important, sexy and if you keep telling yourself GOOD things, these things will come into your life.
It is the Law of Attraction! You get what you give etc!

So, step two is start to Love Yourself!

Woman lying on a lounger by the pool at the hotel. Girl at trave

#3. Ditch the Rule!

Rules and restrictions (aka diets), are what are primarily responsible for the majority of women disconnection from their own body. Sad isn’t it… the one thing that we think will make us feel better, actually ends up making us feel worse!

So, you need to step away, throw caution to the wind and scrap ALL diets, rules and restrictions. You need to live a life free of control in order to not feel out of control.
You need to live a life of choice, so as not to feel any deprivation.
You need to live a life without feeling as though you have failed (again), in order to move forwards with happiness and courage!

Give up diets, they do not work!
They only serve to make you feel as though you are a failure who could never possibly achieve a good body or happy lifestyle.
But, of course you can achieve these things! You will not find happiness in a dress size or weight… only the desire to want more control, more rules and more diets.

Free yourself from the eternal shackles of diet pills, calorie counting, macro tracking, intermittent fasting, meal replacement shakes and all of the other junk that promises a 10lb loss in 10 days.
It is all BS…. you do not need it.
You just need to Feel, Love and Listen to your gorgeous body!
Fill your body with the loving foods that will nurture her and make her feel great!

Step three, feel your food and ditch the diet!!!


#4. Find Peace

You need to understand that your behaviours are a product of all of the external influences that have shaped you over your entire lifetime. Regardless of what age you are right now, many of your beliefs and eating habits will have spanned your whole life, having been impressed on you as a child.

Your parents may have pushed you to clear your plate before you could have dessert or leave the table. Maybe they rewarded you with sweets or cookies when you tidied your room or did well at school. Perhaps they made you eat foods that you didn’t really like or enjoy, but they were strict, so you had little choice in the matter.

All of these actions, although they were meant in a love-filled way to get you to eat healthier foods and take responsibility for your actions, they may have created beliefs and pathways in your mind that still play a big part in your behaviours, actions and choices today.

If they forced you to clear your plate, then you may not fully recognise fullness.
If they rewarded your for good behaviours, then you may still reward yourself now.
If they forced you to eat foods you didn’t enjoy, you may still avoid them now, even though you do actually like them as an adult. (our tastes change as we grow).
But our influences and beliefs do not. Not unless we choose to change them!

So, recognise that your habits and behaviours may not be the “real” you.. they may actually just be a product of influence, and they can be changed… BY YOU if you want to!

Try and meditate with a belief or habit, and see if you can find the source in your subconscious. And if you do, ask for forgiveness. Ask for guidance and seek peace in the moment.

Step four, Your habits are a product of influence. Seek forgiveness for the past and choose to change your habits and beliefs around food!


#5. Just Do IT!

Carpe Diem as they say! Seize the moment!
When you are packing your case ready for your holiday, pack each item with a reaffirming nod or mantra that is filled with love. One that reinforces your self love and confidence! Self belief!
You are a beautiful human being and you deserve to feel happy at every single moment within your life.
If you are in a beautiful place, be grateful. Feel the moment! Capture it in your mind. bottle that joy and keep it safe! Never let go!

Remember, you are the queen of your own destiny and the rule of your own mind.


But also remember, that these five tips are just the tip of the iceberg.
They are just scratching the surface.
If you want to really repair your relationship with yourself, find love, happiness joy and abundance in your own life, then grab this book and read it!
Maybe even take it on holiday with you and allow your transformation to begin whilst you are away from the normalities of every day life!
Take control of your life right now, TODAY!

Make your life something quite remarkable.
Remember, you have the choice, you ALWAYS have the choice, and that choice is YOURS!
Feel love, Feel worthiness, Feel amazing and Feel like a Goddess!


And if that is not enough… then you can download my Goddess Beach Workout HERE!

The most important part of rocking the confident beach look, whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, is HOW YOU FEEL!
Work your mindset, instead of your muscles and you will feel shamazeballs whatever outfit you decide to grace the world with!

You are a gorgeous human being, You are loved, you are worthy and you are delicious!

Keep reminding yourself of that!!!
And, by the way, have an amazing holiday!

Lesley x


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Much love x


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