Are Your Goals Even Yours? 

Since spending time with some of the UKs very best Transformation Coaches in London, I have come to understand a lot more about the psychology of behaviour change. Psychology has always been something that I have found particularly interesting, and I have continued to study the topic in many different ways. NeuroPlasticity being one of... Continue Reading →


Can Exercise Improve Sex?

Sex, it may be a taboo subject to some or a little embarrassing for others, but the long and short of it is.... we all do it! Some of us love it and do it a lot, some of us are just not bothered. Now, I am not going to profess to being the worlds... Continue Reading →

Pilates Exercises to help Ease Back Pain

Back Pain is something that millions of people suffer with on a daily basis, and only once you have experienced it, can you truly appreciate just how painful it can be. Not only can it be totally debilitating, but frustrating, demoralising and quite frankly life controlling. Do I sound like I speak from experience?? That's... Continue Reading →

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