The Girl On The Train – Can you Change Your Mindset During Your Work Commute?

The train is cramped and stuffy, you feel the familiar guilt of not having time to get to the gym again and after a few moments of thought, you justify this with "I've had a busy day, I deserve a rest!"


One week of my training!

Everyone goes nuts for getting in shape for summer, but wouldn't it be amazing if your summer body was just your body.... and it took very little effort to drop a few inches?

Banish the Bingo Wing!!!

I am asked so frequently about how to reduce the "Bingo Wings", so I thought I would address this situation here via a good old fashioned Blog. So, first of all, in order to banish the bingo wing, you need to be eating a good healthy nutritious diet. And When I say "diet" I simply... Continue Reading →

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