5 Butt Exercises to do at Home

EXERCISE logo copy 2“Does My Bum Look Big In This?”

The Backside, Toosh, Derriere, Rump, Ass, Whatever you want to call it, the Bum is an area that we always want to improve.

It could be bigger, smaller, rounder, firmer, smoother, perkier…. Need I go on!?

I thought I would share Five Butt exercises that you can do at home with little or no equipment to start sculpting that Butt.

And what a bonus, many of these exercises work your abs too. So Double Whammy!

Let’s start simple….

The Bridge

You can do this exercise with or without the resistance band around your legs. Make sure that you Push with your Butt not your thighs and squeeeeeeeze those Cheeks! Perform between 16 & 20 Repetitions, have a short rest and then do it all again.

Plank with Glute Lift

The plank is challenging enough as it is, but really get the muscles firing with this added on Glute Lift. Make sure that you do not lift your hips and take any of the pressure of the plank on your lower back. Keep them Abs On! Do 10 lifts of each leg, have a break and then go again.

The Goblet Squat

If you have a Kettlebell (or any weight) at home grab it for this butt shaping move. Hold the weight in front of your chest and drop your ass to the grass. Make sure that your knees do not travel forward of your toes. Keep the Abs on and don’t forget to breathe! Go for 16-20 squats, rest for a moment, then drop it like its hot for one more set.

Resistance Band Side Step

The Resistance Band is one of the most underrated pieces of gym kit out there. But when it comes to your tooth, its one of the best. Tie your band around your ankles, position yourself in a Demi-squat (about half way down) and step one side to the other. Feel the fire stoke up in your hips & glutes. LOVE IT. Perform this exercise for 20 side steps, rest then do it again. Don’t wimp out!

The Curtsey Lunge

Practise that all important Curtsey, but give it some extra juice to really shape up the inside & outside of your thighs and your butt. Perform between 16-20 repetitions before having a short rest and going again.

And there you have it. Five simple but very effective exercises to shape, tone and firm up your ass!

Let me know how you get on.



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If you would like more help with transforming your body, then please visit either www.lmfitness.info or www.thebodyboutique.club and claim your free Breakthrough Call, so we can start to work through what may be holding you back, what your personal goals are and what actions you may need to take in order to start seeing the results that you desire. 


The Resistance Band! Your Butts New Best Friend! 

The meek looking rubber band that we use in the fitness world may not look like Much, but that little bigger packs a punch… Just ask the BodyWurx girls! 

But how can you turn that innocent looking piece of latex into your butts new best friend? Here’s my top 4 butt exercises with the band! 

  • The Crab walk

A favourite of mine, is the crab walk, simple and effective. Simply tie the band around your legs just above the ankle so that you can stand with your feet hip width apart or stand on the band and cross over the ends to hold them in opposite hands (pulling them upwards to increase tension). Simple step 4 times to the right and then 4 times to the left. Repeat this 4 times. If your outer thigh & butt aren’t screaming at you, then tighten the band and go again.

  • Vertical V-Splits

Tie the band around your legs just above the ankles and lay on your back with your legs vertical towards the ceiling. Spread your arms to the side for stability and split the legs out into a V shape and return. Repeat this 16-20 times, have a rest and then repeat.

  • Glute Kick Back

Tie your band around a solid structure (I use the bannister at the top of the stairs), leave enough room in your band to put your leg through. Stand up tall and draw your leg back from the hip, keeping your knee straight, pull the band back as far as you can, and then relax. Repeat 16 times on each leg… Twice.

  • Inward pull

Keeping the band around your solid structure turn sideways so that the leg inside the band is able to pull towards the opposite leg against resistance. Stand tall and start to pull the leg in front of the other leg until you can go no further, keeping the knee straight but not locked. Relax to your starting point and repeat 16 times on each leg, twice. 

Give each of these exercises a go with your band a few times a week and watch your butt transform! 

And don’t forget to let me know how you get on!  👌🏻😊

How to Get rid of your Bingo Wings!

EXERCISE logo copy 2
We all hate that saggy bit of flabbiness that wobbles beneath our arm, the bingo wing! These annoyingly wibbly wobbly fat sacks under the arm cause so many women to hide their upper arms in fear of knocking someone out as they wave goodbye to a friend, or just embarrassment. Either way, you need to know you are not alone in the battle to beat the bingo!

When I ask new clients, “is there any particular part of the body you want to change most?”. Often the answer is the classic Bingo wing.

So, how do we reduce this problem? As you all probably know there is no way any trainer or fitness professional can guarantee you will lose fat in any specific part of the body, we simply can’t spot reduce fat… it will go from wherever it most wants to go from.

However, there is a way that we can start to reduce the problem, whilst we work towards a longer term fat loss result. And that is to TONE!

Taping them up may seem like a solution, however, not a very practical one. So I am about to give you FOUR of the best exercises for toning this part of the arm, and kicking off your Bingo Wing Blaster.

Are you ready!?

#1 Press Ups

Not many women do press ups as it is generally seen as a MAN thing to do to build up the pectoral muscles. However, you need to take your weight onto the back of your arms to work the Triceps. So keep your elbows in close to the body. Work from a kneeling position and complete 2 sets of 12 repetitions.

Believe me, press ups should be in EVERY womans workout, not only can it tone your arms, but also your chest, acting as a natural “push up” bra for your boobs!

#2 Arm Circles
Grab yourself a set of small dumbbells, or if you don’t have any a couple of tins of baked beans. Hold your arms out at shoulder height and start to spin the arms from the shoulders in a circle. Complete 18-20 revolutions before returning in the opposite direction. Repeat this Twice!

#3 Tricep Kick Backs

Another fab Tricep toning exercise is the Kick Back. Again, grab your dumbbells or tins of beans and stand leaning forward with your knees slightly bent. Bend your elbows and bring your hands up close to your shoulders. Straighten the elbows and extend the arms back and behind you. Repeat 2 sets of 12-15 repetitions twice!
#4 Arm Vibrations

Now this one sounds odd, but my word it works. Hold your arms out straight in front of you at shoulder height. Keep the elbows stiff, and start to vibrate the arms quickly in and out from the shoulders. Make sure your wrists stays nice and still, so the movement travels down your arms. Keep this going for 30 seconds, then rest & repeat.

#5 Scarecrows

You can do this exercise with or without weights. The choice is yours. Hold the elbows level to your shoulders, bent at a 90 degree angle with your hands pointing to the ceiling. Keep the elbows level to your shoulders and rotate the arms down so the hands point to the floor. repeat this move 20 times, then rest & repeat.

And there you have it… Five fab flab burning exercises to help rid the Bingo Wing and tone up your upper arms.

I’d love to hear from you, so please let me know how you get on with this mini workout. Like and comment on the post and share with your friends. Subscribe for future workouts and tips and stay in touch and up to date. You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to the right of this post.

Feel free to pop over to my website http://www.lmfitness.info and by all means get in touch to chat with me about your own personal health & fitness goals.

Happy training peeps 🙂