The Best Piece of Fitness Kit To Have at Home

Not everyone is in a position to convert a spare room or garage space into a personal home gym, but staying at home and working out may be your only option. What to do at home!


Why am I not losing Weight? 

Weight Loss is challenging at the best of times, but what if there is more to it than just what you are eating? Could you be Insulin Resistant?

How cutting out Milk changed everything!

There is so much talk and jibber-jabber about food allergies and intolerances, and although I completely believe that many are completely genuine, especially allergies, I also believe that "intolerances" can be taken slightly out of context, similar to IBS. You know, just because someone gets bloated or gassy, doesn't mean that it must be IBS... Continue Reading →

Can we eat better for less? 

As I get older (rapidly approaching my 40th, only a few more years 😲😬), I am starting to find satisfaction in the strangest of places.  A few months ago, my partner and I moved from a small (very small) house with no garden, to a lovely cottage with a modest garden, which is completely decked...... Continue Reading →

Are Your Goals Even Yours? 

Since spending time with some of the UKs very best Transformation Coaches in London, I have come to understand a lot more about the psychology of behaviour change. Psychology has always been something that I have found particularly interesting, and I have continued to study the topic in many different ways. NeuroPlasticity being one of... Continue Reading →

Quit Weighing Yourself!

  For millions of people, stepping on the scales is just another part of their morning routine! Post workout Routine! Before Bed Routine! For some of us, it has become an obsession... Almost OCD in some cases! A reinforcing reassurance that things are going the right way!  But is it actually helping you or slowing... Continue Reading →

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