Why am I not losing Weight? 

There is literally hundreds of reasons why you may not be losing weight.

I am trying to gradually work my way through some of the more common reasons, and explain how they may be affecting your results.

This week I am focussing on Insulin Resistance.

When you think of insulin, you probably automatically think of Diabetes & discard the problem, simply because you are not a sufferer.

However, everybody has insulin, the difference between us is how resistant or sensitive that we are. Let’s just clear up, being insulin sensitive is the better side of this difference.

Let me explain in this video how insulin resistance may be slowing down your weight loss results.

As you can see if you have been eating too many sugary snacks, or maybe overeating, then this may be part of the problem.

In this case, a healthy and well balanced diet that is calorie controlled may be beneficial to help improve your insulin sensitivity.


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Can Sugar REALLY make you feel that bad????



We’ve all heard the term “Sugar rush”, but are we as familiar with the subsequent “Crash” that follows? It appears not, as I talk to my clients, both Personal Training and Nutritional clients on a regular basis about the effects of sugar, even the hidden stuff! And it always seems to be such a huge revelation to them!

As an advocate of a clean eating lifestyle, I do not eat much sugar. I have the occasional treat, but to be frank I can happily do without the high, and dramatic low of sugar in my day!

Anyway, as a treat this weekend, my wonderful partner brought us a few doughnuts to enjoy. And yes, the one I ate tasted lovely. But…. oh my days, I ended up lying sprawled out across my sofa feeling as though I had the hangover from hell…. but no alcohol had been consumed. IT WAS A SUGAR CRASH… and it lasted ages, so there must have been a shocking amount of sugar in that 1 doughnut!

So what is a Sugar Crash? 

Well, a sugar crash causes the body to rapidly produce insulin, which then triggers glucose usage by the tissues of the body, by either using it as glycogen or for energy. As this occurs, it causes a drop in the glucose levels, and BANG, you have the symptoms of a Sugar Crash!

Lethargy, tiredness, irritability, it feels much like a hangover!

Other symptoms include:

  • Hunger
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Light Headedness
  • Confusion
  • Difficulty Concentrating
  • Anxiety

Restoring your blood sugar levels to normal will help in reversing the effects of a sugar crash, allowing the body to function properly. Try drinking something sweet that can be quickly digested. Fruit Juice, energy drink or similar. But don’t go mad. Sugar is what got you here in the first place!

You can avoid experiencing a sugar crash by participating in a moderate amount of physical activity a few hours after eating the sugars (simple carbohydrates). Try drinking cold water to slow down the digestive process, avoid hot drinks though, as this can increase the metabolic rate of digestion, which makes the crash easier to happen. Also, limit the amount of sugar consumed on an empty stomach.

All in all, as much as that doughnut tasted nice, the effects it had were not worth it! So, next time, I’ll just say “No thanks!”

Happy clean eating!



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