Are Your Goals Even Yours? 

Since spending time with some of the UKs very best Transformation Coaches in London, I have come to understand a lot more about the psychology of behaviour change.

Psychology has always been something that I have found particularly interesting, and I have continued to study the topic in many different ways. NeuroPlasticity being one of them!

And this was when I came up with the concept that people’s “goals” may not even be based on who they are and what they want.

Stay with me here, it’s going to take some explaining!

I recently read a book by the late Alan Watts, which discussed how “genuine” or “natural” we are. In his lectures he suggested that the moment that we are born and for just a short time after, we are at our most genuine.

This could be the only moment in our lifetime that we are free from opinion, influence or perception.

From that moment on, every person and everything that we encounter, bears an influence on us that, over time, forms the person that you are today.

From what foods you like and eat, what to shows you watch or sports teams you support.

But these influences are not necessarily a true reflection of who we are, we just slot in where we fit.

Over the past few months I have been coaching some amazing ladies through their transformations and at the first coaching call I asked them all the same question “Who Are You?”

The answers didn’t really have any passion, conviction or believable feeling attached. In fact, most initially answered with their name… that’s not what I wanted to know, otherwise I would have asked “what is your name?”

So we went through a series of exercises to establish some good old fashioned truths,  and we dug deeper into their thoughts, wishes and inspirations.

Once we had completed all of these exercises, I went back and asked them the same question, “Who Are You?”, and the answers were totally different. I then went on to ask them what they wanted to achieve in their transformations and their goals had totally changed from what they had said originally as well.

This wasn’t a one off experience, it’s happened numerous times with clients all over the UK and in other countries as well.

What I now believe is that their original goal was not in fact their own, but a combination of what they thought they should be, mixed up with what they thought others wanted, or expected them to be.

And this would explain why so many people fail to achieve their final desired goal, because it simply doesn’t hold any importance to them!

So, I challenge you to to think about this, and think about whether your goals are your own, or a manifestation of all of the influences that you have experienced throughout your life time!

What do you truly want most in life???



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Let me Tell you about my Sausage! ;)

NUTRITION logo copyOne of the best things about living where I live, is I am really close to one of the best, if not in fact THE BEST Butchers in Northamptonshire. So I can just nip out and pick up some of the finest meaty sausages and cuts of steak known to mankind!

He supplies the local premiership rugby team, some of which live in the same village, plus local top catering businesses, and then their is their hog roasts and burger vans… They truly do offer the finest in local meatiness.

But let’s talk sausages! We have all had those thin, nondescript bangers from the super market, and the inert-looking ones from the local cafe, but these bad-boy butchers  bangers are amazing! Almost completely all meat and no filler!

I cooked a batch of 6 on my trusty George Foreman grill just the other night, and there was NO FAT oozing out into the little drip tray…. I MEAN NONE! *Wow* I have had this drip tray full to the brim before now cooking cheap bangers from the local shops!

(I can’t go without mentioning their home made Chilli-con-Carne and Curry, and if I am on a bit of a naughty day, then their sausage rolls and pork pies are the best!)

It’s all top Quality!


And not too pricy either, maybe a tad more than you’d pay at the local supermarket, but then look at the product you are buying and the QUALI-TEEEEE!

It’s real, honest, proper food!

You can buy your ready meals that have been pumped full of man-made fats, or maybe even the low-fat option, that has been pumped with sugar and chemical ingredients that you can’t even pronounce (these are there to make it last longer & taste more normal)…. these ingredients haven’t been in our diets much more than 40 or 50 years, but the butchers block meat has been in our diets for thousands of years!

Guess what else has increased over the last 40-50 years?

Oh yeah, that’s right… Obesity! 

Is that just a coincidence?

Either way, I know what I would rather be putting into my body!

REAL FOOD WITH REAL NUTRITIONAL VALUE & REAL FAT! That’s what we were born to eat! Not this highly processed man made, so called “low-fat” crap that you buy for a quid in the shops!

If you want to lose weight, which is what I want to help you achieve, then heed my warning and start to change the way you eat! Go for REAL FOOD, Visit your local Butchers and buy some proper bangers that smell amazing when you are cooking them. Grab a cut of steak whilst your are there and serve it up with some veggies. Get some proper MEATY burgers that aren’t filled with all the junk that is making our bodies rebel against the fat loss fads we keep throwing at them!

Give your body a break, and feed it with something that it can actually use! Good Fuel for a Good Body!

If you are wandering about the butchers I mentioned, you can visit their website here!

Have a great day!

Lesley 🙂  x

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Finding the get & Go to Get up and do on Rainy days! (Ughhh Summer is nearly over)

What happens to us as we get older? We seem to get boring, dull and unadventurous!?! WHY????

Remember when you were a kid, didn’t you jump at the chance to put your wellies on and go and splash in the puddles outside or play in the snow? We use to absolutely love playing out in the rain/snow when I was a child, and as much as I still do it now… Sometimes, when I look out of the window and see that the heavens have opened… I prefer the comfort of my warm sofa and slouchy jog bottoms that are a size or two too big!

BUT…. When did we suddenly become so frumpy and afraid of getting a little wet? I know that loads of my clients (and myself)
pay money to go to countries that have several metres of snow…. and then we hurl ourselves down mountains…. FOR FUN! So we are not all completely withered and boring just yet.

Plus, when I use to run, I loved going out in the rain, the coolness of the rain against the sweaty heat of my skin felt lush!

So how can we motivate ourselves to do more on rainy days?

Whether you are heading off to the gym, going to a class or running outdoors, the same rules apply. So try these top tips to get your motivational juices flowing when the weather is less than perfect!

# 1 Pack your Gym Bag the Night Before!

If you are heading off to work in the morning, then why not pack up your gym kit and head straight to the gym after work. Not only does this get your workout down and out of the way before dinner, but it also means you don’t have to head back out in the rain… So you can workout AND snuggle on the sofa in the warmth! Win-Win!

# 2 Make the Sunshine in your Headphones!

Create a “rainy day” playlist on your phone or MP3 player, and fill it with happy, sun songs hat make you think of sun and summer. This can
not only pick your mood up, but also encourage you to do your workouts…. Remember, Music is like Exercise Fuel! Thats why it is pumped into the gyms & classes AT VOLUME!

# 3 Not feeling the Push today? Take a class instead!

If you are not feeling very enthused by your workout routine, and can’t quite get your head in the zone to thrash it out on the treadmill, join a class and let someone else lead you through your workout. Group Exercise Instructors are there to motivate, encourage and lead…. and rarely fail to put a smile on your face!

# 4 Brighten up your Day!

Wearing brighter colours has been known to improve your mood and your “get up and go”, so why not try brightening up your workout gear! Wear something colourful, loud and fun!

# 5 Don’t want to go out? So don’t!

Why can’t you work out at home? Most women have a fitness DVD somewhere that they can put on and do! So why not do that and watch the rain fall out of your window?

# 6 Invest in a LightWeight Rain Jacket

Keep the worst of the rain off of your back by investing in a light weight waterproof jacket to wear whilst you are training out doors. Keep it where you can grab it quickly, you don’t want to be searching for it if you are struggling to motivate yourself in the first place.

# 7 Plan an alternative

If your motivation is really wobbling, then make sure you have a Plan B! Whatever Plan B is, make sure that it will push you as
hard as Plan A!

# 8 Don’t Take Life So Seriously! 

Everyone needs to smile and laugh, so when the rain comes down, and you are not really inspired to leave the house, remember the feelings you got as a child jumping in puddles! Let yourself SMILE!!!

Motivation is something we all need from time to time, so if you have any additional suggestions or tips to help keep motivated then please comment below!

Just remember though, your health and wellness doesn’t wait for seasons to change. So just get up, get out there and do something amazing!


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