Can we eat better for less? 

As I get older (rapidly approaching my 40th, only a few more years 😲😬), I am starting to find satisfaction in the strangest of places. 

A few months ago, my partner and I moved from a small (very small) house with no garden, to a lovely cottage with a modest garden, which is completely decked… yay low maintenance! 

As I am something of a sun-worshipper, sitting in my new garden was proving to make me very happy, and within a few weeks I noticed that both of my olive trees were starting to thrive in their new home. Even though neither have produced any fruit yet, they are still young, it is looking likely that they may soon. 

It got me thinking… what could I grow in pots in my garden? 

I’ve already got mint growing like it’s out of fashion, so I thought Basil would be a great start… (plus basil reminds me of Greece and as I love Greek food it’s a winner). The basil has took off and grown like crazy, stinking out the garden with a beautiful scent … and cooking with home grown herbs, well you can’t get fresher. 

Then my father in law visited and gave me two tomato plants, both of which have flourished, and are looking likely to harvest some lovely juicy toms for my salads later in the summer!! 🤤 I love tomatoes!!! 

But I started to think more about this, and whether or not you could eat better for less by simply growing a few of your own herbs, fruits & veggies? 

I’m not naturally green fingered, I have to “google” everything, so as you can imagine, my search history looks pretty random at the moment, but I have some really fun experiments going on at the moment, even my partner has got in on the action. 

During a recent trip to Greece, my partner put some olive and orange pips in his pocket… not to keep but there was no where to leave them & we didn’t want to infest our room with ants, but anyway, in the midst of packing to come home, he forgot they were there (😬😲) and I found them as I was sorting through the washing. 

So…. I planted them 🤞🏻 and hoped that something might happen. Yesterday whilst tidying the garden, I had a quick look and noticed two minuscule shoots coming up from both the olive pips…. have I just created life??? 😲

Now it doesn’t stop there… because I currently have a handful of date pits to pot & a few acorns that have mysteriously appeared from someone, oh and not to forget three of the citrus family… lemon, lime & orange 😁 

So, although I am totally aware that this is a long term game, and fruits will not start to grow for a while, it’s kinda exciting… who knew I would get so much pleasure from growing my own fruits??? 

In the garden at the moment I have: 

  • Chillies
  • Olives
  • Mint
  • Basil
  • Chives
  • Tomatoes
  • Blueberries

Ready to pot & grow I have:

  • Oranges
  • Lemons
  • Limes
  • Dates
  • Acorns 

So, for those of you interested in growing your own, I am going to share the progress of this little life giving adventures via my blog, and hopefully, just maybe, these plants will give us fruits and we will be able to eat better for less! For now, that question remains unanswered in my life but I’d love to hear how you’re doing?

Do you grow your own in the garden? How have you got on and what have you grown? 

Let me know in the comments 😁 
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Are Your Goals Even Yours? 

Since spending time with some of the UKs very best Transformation Coaches in London, I have come to understand a lot more about the psychology of behaviour change.

Psychology has always been something that I have found particularly interesting, and I have continued to study the topic in many different ways. NeuroPlasticity being one of them!

And this was when I came up with the concept that people’s “goals” may not even be based on who they are and what they want.

Stay with me here, it’s going to take some explaining!

I recently read a book by the late Alan Watts, which discussed how “genuine” or “natural” we are. In his lectures he suggested that the moment that we are born and for just a short time after, we are at our most genuine.

This could be the only moment in our lifetime that we are free from opinion, influence or perception.

From that moment on, every person and everything that we encounter, bears an influence on us that, over time, forms the person that you are today.

From what foods you like and eat, what to shows you watch or sports teams you support.

But these influences are not necessarily a true reflection of who we are, we just slot in where we fit.

Over the past few months I have been coaching some amazing ladies through their transformations and at the first coaching call I asked them all the same question “Who Are You?”

The answers didn’t really have any passion, conviction or believable feeling attached. In fact, most initially answered with their name… that’s not what I wanted to know, otherwise I would have asked “what is your name?”

So we went through a series of exercises to establish some good old fashioned truths,  and we dug deeper into their thoughts, wishes and inspirations.

Once we had completed all of these exercises, I went back and asked them the same question, “Who Are You?”, and the answers were totally different. I then went on to ask them what they wanted to achieve in their transformations and their goals had totally changed from what they had said originally as well.

This wasn’t a one off experience, it’s happened numerous times with clients all over the UK and in other countries as well.

What I now believe is that their original goal was not in fact their own, but a combination of what they thought they should be, mixed up with what they thought others wanted, or expected them to be.

And this would explain why so many people fail to achieve their final desired goal, because it simply doesn’t hold any importance to them!

So, I challenge you to to think about this, and think about whether your goals are your own, or a manifestation of all of the influences that you have experienced throughout your life time!

What do you truly want most in life???



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Get Your Morning Routine Sussed!

lifestyle.jpgStarting your morning right can really set you up for the rest of the day. Successful people all have a morning routine that they stick to, and personally for me, I have a pretty consistent plan which helps me to wake up and energise, and set up my day how I want it.

The following tips are not a plan that you need to follow to the letter, but a guide to help you create your  routine for success.

  • Alarm Call – If you’re rushing around fighting for the bathroom every morning, then set your alarm 15-30minutes earlier and take your time. Have a nice invigorating shower & freshen yourself up without the kids or husband banging on the door.
  • If you want to build in some activity or stretching then make sure you get this done before you head in to the shower. I enjoy a few really nice deep stretches before I take on anything. This just opens my body up and makes me feel alive.
  • Plan ahead – Lay out your clothes the evening before, so once you are ready, you can just slip into your outfit without having to dig around to find something to wear.
  • Once you’re ready make your healthy breakfast, and pack up the healthy lunch that you prepared the evening before. Planning and organisation really help start the day off well. And remember NEVER SKIP BREAKFAST!
  • Swap your Coffee in the morning to Green Tea, this will help to boost your metabolism and wake up your senses.DSC_0154.jpg
  • hydrate-make sure you drink a nice glass of water to get your daily hydration off to a good start. Hydration is an essential part of any health goals.
  • Sit and check you diary for the day- set yourself some mini goals to achieve. This could be drinking more water or attending Pilates after work.
  • Stick to your plan!

Being organised can really increase the results that you achieve. It may seem challenging to begin with, but stick with it and believe that in time the routine will become much easier and more automatic.

Spend some time today planning your morning routine and then put it into action straight away.


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Booty Call or Booty Overhaul – Top 6 Exercise for the Best Booty!

No, really…? What? Seriously…? We don’t want a Booty Call Really do we?

Work your butt for a firmer, fruitier, rounder & more delicious rump to sit perfect & perky in your jeggings…Or Whatever the hell them things are called…. By the way, I’m certainly not one to follow the latest fashion, so if you’re reading this now, hoping for fashion & beauty tips…. Sorry, it’s just not gonna happen.

But if you’re here to find out how to make those fashion items look even better with the perfect arse…. Now that I can help you with!

The butt, derrière, toosh, arse, bottom, or whatever you want to call it, is one of the easiest parts of the body to train. There are quite literally hundreds, if not thousands of variations of exercises you can do to firm up your behind and get those desirable buns of steel. Some people like big bums, some little… But no one likes a squishy or saggy one! Do they?

So, I am going to share with you my top 6 toosh toning exercises that you can do at home on your own with little or no kit! Yep, no gym required. Just you, your backside & the floor!

# 1 – Squats

The humble squat, taking this bad boy old-skool because it just works! There are hundreds of variations of this exercise from narrow to wide stance, sumo squats to hack squats, jump squats to pulse squats, plie to first position and so on.

My favourite all time squat has to be the sumo squat. Low, wide and killer for the glutes. So how do you do the sumo?

Easy! Stand with your feet wider than your shoulders, with your toes pointing outwards about 45 degrees. Push your butt back
behind you, lowering yourself down as low as you can (and I mean AS LOW AS YOU CAN!). Keep your knees in line with your ankles, don’t let them move forwards! Finally, make sure that you keep your upper body upright, use your stomach muscles to help with this! Do two lots of 14-18 reps! Bums away!

If you really want to bang out a shit load of sweat try these variations to add a little spice to your rump righting workouts…

  • Single Leg Squat
  • Box Jump Squats
  • Squat Jacks
  • Russian Squat Jumps

# 2 Glute Kick Back
This exercise is so easy, but also so easy to do wrong… So get down on your hands and knees to start with, make sure that hands are palm down underneath your shoulders. Now this is important, hold your tummy muscles as if you were about to cough, then keeping your knee bent, lift one leg so the sole of the foot is facing the ceiling.

Push the leg UP towards the sky as high as you can and then bring the knee towards the floor without letting it touch down. Repeat this move on the same leg for about 20 repetitions, before swapping to the other leg. Do this TWICE on each leg! Don’t cheat though, keep your torso still, don’t arch your back and make sure you push the leg up as high as you can… Remember is you cheat, you are only kiddin’ yourself. You won’t get results from short cuts! 😉

# 3 Butt Clenches

The great thing about butt clenches is you can do them anywhere at any time. Hey guys check me out sitting in the cinema doing my butt clenches… Or Hey sitting on the bus going to work… I’ll do me some butt clenches! Seriously… Anywhere AT ANYTIME!

Butt clenches are simple, we do them all the time. Just tighten up the glutes and squeeze them cheeky cheeks together. Then release! Do about 20 clenches then have a rest… then do another twenty…Remember Anywhere at Anytime! Firm that money maker and let the hot pants get excited about coming out to see the world!

# 4 Oysters or Clams

No, not the seafood version, the laying on your side working that outside thigh version! Oysters are great, as they stretch and work various muscles simultaneously. Including the butt cheeks and the outside thigh! So how do we do them?

EASY! Lay on your side with both knees bent, one leg on top of the other. Keep your feet together and lift the top knee UP towards the ceiling opening the hip, then lower it back down. Repeat this move 15-18 times on each leg and then repeat.

For added muscle burn, as you lift the knee, extend the bottom half of the leg to a straight position that is elevated off the floor. Then bring the feet back to gather before lowering the knee. BOOM… Beautiful butts!

# 5 Bridge with Leg Lift/Lower

Another personal favourite of mine… The Bridge! Serious thing & butt workout right here! Lay on your back with your knees bent
and your feet quite close to your toosh. Start to roll the pelvis up towards the ceiling and lift your back up off the floor. Push up as high as you can without rolling onto your shoulders too much. Clench your buttocks for added push!

Once you reach your highest lift, lift one leg and extend it up to the ceiling. Keep the knee straight and lower the leg down, stopping about an inch or two from the floor before lifting back and returning the foot to the floor. Repeat this 16-18 times on one leg, then repeat on the other leg. Once you have done both legs, go back and start again!

# 6 Curtsey Lunges 

Your final Butt Busting exercise is the curtsey lunge. Now if you have spent ANY time with me as a trainer you will know that this is a firm fave of mine. Featuring in most peoples work outs at some point! Mention butt to me and Curtseys will come out to play!
Your curtsey lunge is FAR superior to the standard lunge you see in so many classes (especially for women), toning the inside and outside thigh as well as the arse! So, here’s how to do it.

Start with your feet hip width apart, step one foot backwards and across behind the other leg. Make this move quite large. Once your foot is down, lower yourself in to a lunge, keep your knees behind your feet and your upper body up tall. Raise yourself back you and bring the feet back to hip width apart. Step the opposite foot back and across the other way and repeat the move. You should aim for 24 lunges in total, so 12 on each leg, before having a rest. Then do another set.

So, there you have it. My top 6 Butt bashing exercises to give you the firmer behind that you want. I’d love to hear from you, so if you have tried these exercises, how did you get on? Did you butt ache? Let me know 🙂

And remember, if you enjoyed this blog, please like the post and follow me for more insights into health, fitness & nutrition. You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter using the “like & “follow” buttons to the right of this page. I am also on Instagram @LmFitness1 and Periscope @LmFitness. Come and join me in my Fitness Adventures.

Have a Butt-Tastic Day!