“Healthy Recipes are so Dull” …. Really?

 I hear this so often... "But healthy recipes are so dull!" Or "I'm bored of salads!" & "it's all so tasteless!" Oh come on people! Really? Is your brain so over cluttered with the crap that the media tells you, that you can't even think up a recipe that doesn't include something from a packet … Continue reading “Healthy Recipes are so Dull” …. Really?


What is Good Nutrition? 

Eat a healthy & balanced diet they say! Make sure you are eating a good nutritious balance of food they say! So what is Good Nutrition?  Food is more than just "fuel", it's information for the body. What we eat tells our body what to do with our hormones, whether to create one or not, … Continue reading What is Good Nutrition? 

Time is Precious! 10 Minute Fat Burners!

Time is Precious, and for many people fitting in a workout is the lowest thing on the priority list. About 5 months ago, I decided to put together a series of short 10 minute Fat Burner workouts to help those with busy and hectic lifestyle to start squeezing in short but effective workouts. Working out from … Continue reading Time is Precious! 10 Minute Fat Burners!