Is It Possible to Change Your Habits?

If you have been following me for a while you may know that I have a healthy interest in Psychology, Behaviour Change & Mindset Coaching. In fact, I have been working with many of my clients both on & offline, using mindset coaching for quite some time now, and I have seen some incredible results … Continue reading Is It Possible to Change Your Habits?


“Healthy Recipes are so Dull” …. Really?

 I hear this so often... "But healthy recipes are so dull!" Or "I'm bored of salads!" & "it's all so tasteless!" Oh come on people! Really? Is your brain so over cluttered with the crap that the media tells you, that you can't even think up a recipe that doesn't include something from a packet … Continue reading “Healthy Recipes are so Dull” …. Really?

What is Good Nutrition? 

Eat a healthy & balanced diet they say! Make sure you are eating a good nutritious balance of food they say! So what is Good Nutrition?  Food is more than just "fuel", it's information for the body. What we eat tells our body what to do with our hormones, whether to create one or not, … Continue reading What is Good Nutrition? 

What is Reverse Dieting & Why Should you Try It?

When we talk & think about diets, we always think about cutting things out or down, you know certain food types, or food groups, the number of calories we are consuming, sugars, carbs, fats and so on. I always say to my clients, you shouldn't think about dieting, because diets aren't actually that good for … Continue reading What is Reverse Dieting & Why Should you Try It?

The highest & lowest sugar yielding fruits!

Although the sugar may be a naturally forming one, it is still SUGAR and you should still know roughly how much you are consuming... shouldn't you? So here are the top 5 highest & lowest sugar containing fruits!   HIGH LYCHEES - This fruit seriously packs a sugary punch with 29grams of sugar per cup. … Continue reading The highest & lowest sugar yielding fruits!