Can we eat better for less? 

As I get older (rapidly approaching my 40th, only a few more years 😲😬), I am starting to find satisfaction in the strangest of places.  A few months ago, my partner and I moved from a small (very small) house with no garden, to a lovely cottage with a modest garden, which is completely decked... … Continue reading Can we eat better for less? 


Are Your Goals Even Yours? 

Since spending time with some of the UKs very best Transformation Coaches in London, I have come to understand a lot more about the psychology of behaviour change. Psychology has always been something that I have found particularly interesting, and I have continued to study the topic in many different ways. NeuroPlasticity being one of … Continue reading Are Your Goals Even Yours? 

The Healthy Home-Made Salad Dressings!

Sometimes, we make what we think are healthier choices, but actually we are being tricked into this belief. Salad is something that everyone eats more of on a "Diet", and we often stop off at the local supermarket and pick up the pre-made options from the shelf. Although the salad itself is healthy, there is … Continue reading The Healthy Home-Made Salad Dressings!

7 Simple Swaps to change your Diet! Bad Carbs for Good Carbs!

There are so many myths and BS stories out there about carbs. Carbs are the enemy! Carbs shouldn't be eaten after 4pm! Carbs make you lethargic! Carbs bloat you out! Blah blah blah! Some carbs are the enemy! Some carbs shouldn't be eaten period! Some carbs will make you lethargic and yep, some carbs will … Continue reading 7 Simple Swaps to change your Diet! Bad Carbs for Good Carbs!