Can Christmas Be Healthy?

Can Christmas Be Healthy? Check out these four healthier Christmas recipes and keep your sweet tooth satisfied this Christmas!


Keep On Keeping On – Motivational Pep Talk

So, it's that time of year again, the memberships at the gym are increasing by the day, the sales of diet potions and pills have tripled and everyone is making the same promises and New Year Resolutions that they make every year.... Get Fitter, Quit smoking, Drink less, Lose weight.... and so on. And, as... Continue Reading →

Do you have Decision Fatigue?

 Yep, it really is a really real thing! Decision Fatigue! It may sound far fetched, but this was covered in one of my Psychology courses a while back, and it fascinated me. A while ago, there was a study of the behaviours of judges in a court room and the rulings that were made with... Continue Reading →

Quit Weighing Yourself!

  For millions of people, stepping on the scales is just another part of their morning routine! Post workout Routine! Before Bed Routine! For some of us, it has become an obsession... Almost OCD in some cases! A reinforcing reassurance that things are going the right way!  But is it actually helping you or slowing... Continue Reading →

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