New Year…. Same Old ****… (Tough Love!)

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 07.00.40So, it’s that time of year again, the memberships at the gym are increasing by the day, the sales of diet potions and pills have tripled and everyone is making the same promises and New Year Resolutions that they make every year….

Get Fitter, Quit smoking, Drink less, Lose weight…. and so on.

And, as much as I loath the New Years Resolution, I do appreciate that a new year can present the opportunity for a fresh start at things. So, kudos to you if you are one of the 7% of people who sticks to your guns and actually see’s this little promise through to the end!

But, this blog isn’t about berating peoples efforts, its about facing facts! Facing the Truth! It’s a little pinch of January Tough Love.

I could be like EVERY other personal trainer out there and throw a tonne of Motivational memes to try & inspire you to go and workout, but… do they really work??

Of course not!

You will probably see hundreds of these things float past as you scroll through your insta feed, or Facebook wall… and even though one may make you stop for a second, the chances are, you will have forgotten what it said by the time you have your second coffee of the morning!

They just do not mean anything to you on a personal level… they simply are not important on the scheme of really important things to you!

So, how can you get MOTIVATED to keep on keeping on with your new year health kick??

Here are a few tips from me and the last ten years of being a trainer…


If you don’t take your goals, nutrition, exercise or anything else that helps you achieve results seriously, then why should anyone else? You may spend £50 a month on a gym membership, £100’s on new gym wear and trainers, more spent on the latest fad pill or potion that a celeb is endorsing (because they are paid too) and then however much for a personal trainer… But, it really doesn’t matter how much

d52281d6674f9e430a3f4aa66eb44064--support-goals.jpgmoney you throw at this…. if you don’t take it seriously, no one else will either, and nothing will come of it!

Your gym will continue to take their direct debit every month, even if you don’t go and your personal trainer will quickly lose patience with your B/S excuses and despite them actually wanting to help you, they CANNOT do it for you!



The majority of people start their fitness journey with a loose and flimsy goal of “Weight Loss”, but what does this actually mean to you? Why do you want to lose weight?

Sure, everyone wants to be slimmer, leaner, stronger, fitter faster, healthier etc, but WHAT would achieving your goal actually do to you and your life? What would improve? How would it improve? how would this change your life and lifestyle?


If the goal that you set for yourself is not personal and important, then keeping your drive and determination to achieve it alive is going to be hard work!

So, sit back and take some time to think about WHY you want this, WHAT will it bring to your life and HOW will it make you feel?


Make your goal IMPORTANT TO YOU! For example, maybe you want to have children, but at the moment, because of your weight, pregnancy is risky or unlikely to actually happen. So if kids are hugely important to you, then this is your goal…NOT weight loss.

Many women, and men…. set the goal of “I want to look good on the beach this summer!”, But in reality, is looking good on the beach really going to have a big impact on your future? Your happiness? Your LIFE? Dig deep and ask yourself, WHY do I want to change?


Your mindset is a crucial part of the whole process, and often the undoing of many peoples results. If you find yourself thinking that you are not worthy of feeling good, or the you will never be able to achieve what you want most, then to be frank, you are right. That kind of attitude will NEVER get you anywhere!

Start to change the way that you think about yourself, because, if you don’t care about you, then know one else can either. Don’t cut yourself off!

Surround yourself with positive thoughts and whilst you are at it, positive people as well. habits
It is a well known fact that you feed from the people you associate with, so if they are negative and demotivated, you will be too. So hook up with some friends who always see life from the positive point of view.

Recognise your Good points, spend some time looking in the mirror, and start to see what you DO love about yourself. Tell yourself out loud, even if it feels silly. Tell yourself that YOU ARE WORTH IT…. and you are worthy!!!

NEVER allow the dementors of life to suck all the goodness out of you!


Life throws all sorts of challenges at us, and we never know what is around the next corner. So always take things one day at a time. Of course, have a bigger goal, a bigger picture, but every morning wake up with a fresh dose of determination to just do well today! Regardless of what happened yesterday or what tomorrow may bring… Just focus on today, right now!

Believe me, the one day at a time approach is far more rewarding than focussing on the end result!


So, wake up each morning and just promise yourself (NO ONE ELSE), that you will do the best that YOU can do… TODAY!

It’s just one day! 24 hours!

When you get to the end of the day, take yourself to bed with nothing but the satisfaction that today… YOU DID YOUR BEST!



Come on, we are all only human and we ALL make mistakes, even us PT’s blow out from time to time. But, the difference doesn’t come from the action, it comes from the reaction.  What do I mean? Well, let’s say that you cave in and eat something a little bit naughty for lunch, does that mean that you have to continue to eat naughty for the rest of the day?



If you make a mistake, eat something that maybe you shouldn’t have, then simply acknowledge it and move on with your day.

I mean, if you dropped your mobile phone on the floor, you wouldn’t then stamp on it to make sure that it was definitely broken, would you? Hell no! You’d pick it up, dust it off, check it over and carry on with the day being a little bit more careful not to drop it again!

Treat your body in the same manner…. don’t immediately dive mouth first into a swimming pool of chocolate and donuts, it isn’t going to help anyone.


You will often hear people saying that you should not compare yourself to other people, and this is VERY true. But, it is also true that you shouldn’t compare yourself to a younger version of yourself.

If I had a penny for every time someone had said to me, “I could do X-Y-Z when I was 20…”, then I would be pretty rich now. But, you when you were 20 years old, is NOT the you that you now are at 35, 40, 50, or any other age for that matter.

So, why compare yourself to the younger you? The only person or thing that you should


be comparable to, was YOU, YESTERDAY!

Each day, simply aim to do, or be a little bit better than you did, or were the day before. Each day, you will be a little stronger, a little fitter, a little healthier and so on.

There is no competition, only prizes!


Go out there today, and just be you! Be proud to be you and be proud of what you are doing! Try and achieve something, anything over the next 24 hours, whether thats drinking an extra glass of water, signing up for a fitness class, taking a walk, getting out of bed when the alarm sounds, smiling more and just being happy to be here.

Be better than yesterday, but not as good as tomorrow. Take it one day at a time and be grateful for all that you have. Be positive and reward yourself for doing a good job! Have some self respect and remember, if you don’t take it seriously… no one else will either!

Happy January 😁



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Banish the Bingo Wing!!!

EXERCISE logo copy 2I am asked so frequently about how to reduce the “Bingo Wings”, so I thought I would address this situation here via a good old fashioned Blog.

So, first of all, in order to banish the bingo wing, you need to be eating a good healthy nutritious diet. And When I say “diet” I simply mean eating the right kind of foods, not restricting yourself of healthy energy and nutrients. You can find out more about What Good Nutrition is from my Blog here What is Good Nutrition? 

Then, you need to be building up some lean muscle tissue in the arm to shape and sculpt the tricep to reduce the appearance of the wobbly bit underneath. We want to reduce the body fat sat around the area, NOT lose weight (although that would be a by-product of eating a nutritious diet). Find out more about the difference between fat loss and weight loss here Fat Loss Vs Weight Loss 

image4 (2)

The Tricep is quite a small muscle, BUT there are loads of ways to work it, so Tricep training NEVER becomes boring… In fact it is my overall favourite muscle to work on.

Yes, it burns like buggery, but the changes you see in your arm definition are totally worth it.

I am going to start you with a few basic exercises to help you get your triceps firing and ultimately, if you keep up with a nutritious diet & a workout plan, you WILL see results.

So, let’s have a quick look at a few of the moves you can do to get you started.

First up, is the Tricep Extension. In this video I have completed the move in a kneeling position, as a regression to the standing position. Stabilisation is key in all exercises, so if you are starting from nothing, this is a good place to do it.

Start with a weight that challenges you, without challenge there will be no change. So I would recommend a minimum of 3kgs, possibly 4kgs. You should complete 10-14 repetitions on each arm, have a short rest and then repeat. If you REALLY want to feel the burn add in a third set.

As you gain strength and stability, progress to a standing position using the same movement.

Next up, we have the Tricep Kickback, another fave of mine. If you have a bench you can rest one knee on that, but standing like in this video is just fine.

Again, use a weight that is going to challenge you, and complete 10-14 repetitions on each arm, rest for a moment and then another set. Add a third set for a bigger burn.

Although we are focussing on the Triceps, it is always good to balance the arm, so don’t forget to do a few Bicep exercises to ensure that both the front and back of the upper arm are get some well deserved attention.

The Bicep curl is a fab addition to any workout, and just continues to shape and tone the arm beautifully.

As above, use about 4kgs for this movement. Completing 10-14 repetitions, having a rest and then repeating. Add in a third set for that deep burn.

If you do not have a Barbell to hand, or you are not working out in a gym, this exercise can be done with dumbbells or a resistance band… So no excuses.

The Press Up has always been seen as a “mans” exercise, but this is total drivel. The Press Up is a fantastic exercise for anyone, male or female, and has many benefits for women, including helping to keep that chest up-lifted.

There are many versions, and here is a slightly harder Full press up, but you can regress this movement and complete it on your knees to start with. Make sure that whether you do this exercise on your feet or knees that your body stays in line, you should have a straight line from your ankles to your hips and then on to your shoulders. No bending in the middle!!!

Try and complete 2 sets of 10 repetitions and build your strength up! If you are starting on your knees, then try and build up to doing these on your feet.

Finally, the Upright Row. Not officially a Tricep exercise, but when executed well, can have good results in the arms.

Again, this exercise can be performed with dumbbells, a resistance band or a kettlebell, so if you are not in the gym, and do not have a barbell handy, then there are no real excuses.

Complete 12-14 repetitions, have a short rest and then repeat. Make sure that you keep your core nice & tight so you do not lean back or compensate the movement. If you want a real burn, add in that third set.

Do this short workout two or three times a week, it should only take you about 20 minutes (roughly) and keep your eyes peeled for a harder Tricep Workout that I will post soon.

In the mean time, crack on. Shape those Tri’s and get rid of those pesky Bingo Wings.

Have fun!

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