Ten Ways to Move for a Spectacular Ass


One of the most commonly asked “exercise” related questions that I get is “How do I Improve my Ass tone?”
There are a gazillion and one different ways to shape, work, tone, build, reduce or improve your toosh, and some of them don’t even involve squatting or lunging… Wahey! Although to be honest, that is also a really good way to shape your derriere to spectacular new levels of awesomeness.

Really, how you choose to shape and tone your butt really depends on the rest of your body. Let’s say that you have really dodgy knees, if that is the case then you may prefer to take the pressure off of the joint, and do something that is not overly strenuous or weight bearing, maybe walking up and down stairs or hills, or simply sitting down and standing back up again.
Maybe if you have a bad back, you will want to avoid leaning forward into a squat, in which case something like the Bridge may be more beneficial.

We are all different and all need to look after our bodies in certain ways, so for me to say that THIS exercise is definitely what YOU need to do, would be crazy…. I don’t know you…. or know your strengths, weaknesses, injuries or ailments….

So, rather than telling you that THIS ONE EXERCISE will change the shape of YOUR ass, I thought I’d give you options… Ten of them in fact.

Ten of my favourite movements, big and small, compound movements involving lots of muscles and isolation movements involving just one or two muscles that will help to shape, tone, strengthen and firm up your butt!

If you want you can do ALL of them, one of them, ten of each, or just play with them until you feel those gorgeous glutes fire up and burn baby, burn!

So, check ’em out! And let me know which I s your favourite, which got the burn going and which Your Love Love Love!

Happy Toosh Toning!

Lesley x


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