How To Start Practising Meditation

I get a lot of people asking me about meditation and best way to practise, and to be honest there is no single answer that would suit every body.
Just like there is no wrong or right way to meditate, every aspect is personal and unique, including your reasons and intentions.

Start by asking yourself why do you want to meditate?
Is it to seek peace and quiet, relax the mind and calm the thoughts or is it to seek guidance from the universe, find forgiveness, heal emotional blocks or something entirely different.

Secondly, how long can you stay in meditation for?
Are you struggling to fit in five minutes or can you zone out for half an hour, an hour, maybe even two hours?

Obviously time is a big factor, as you do not want to rush your practise.

Thirdly, are you “connected”?
Do you believe in the universe, ethereal beings or spirit guides? When you are “connected” you may find it a great deal easier to reach a state of calm. Although it is not necessary.


Meditation is always going to be beneficial for you, regardless of your intentions.
Spending time alone, quietly, collecting thoughts, clearing the mind and just having some peaceful time is fantastic for mind, body & soul, especially if you suffer with anxiety or stress.
But you will need to build you practise gradually.

A valuable tip that I was given when I first started to practise, was to be patient and take my time.
It is really important that you do not feel frustrated or deflated when the brain kicks in, and thoughts start to re-enter your thoughts, but rather, acknowledge the thought and then come back to your breathe.

Here is a few more key tips to help you in strengthening your meditation practise.

#1.  Find your Breath.

When you first lay or sit into your meditation, find your breath. Just listen and respect the air flowing into and out of the body. Feel the chest and abdomen rise and fall with each inhale and exhale, and use this as a focal point to your practise. When ever you feel your mind wander (and it will wander) just come back to your breath.

#2.  Short but Sweet.

Start of by just spending 5 minutes trying to empty your mind and stay focussed on the moment, the breath, the feeling. Stay with yourself, stay present. Once you have maintained clear mind for the full five minutes, start to gradually increase the time that you spend in this state.

#3.  Use Guided Meditations.

There are many fantastic guided meditations available to use both for free and paid for. Finding the right one for you may take some practise, as you may not like the narrative voice or the background sound, so explore different options. When using guided meditations it is much easier to stay present and achieve specific results. For example, you can connect to your spirit guide, seek forgiveness from yourself or your inner child, you can clear emotional and mental blockages and much more.

#4.  Set a Clear Intention. 

Before you start your meditation, set a clear intention for the practise. State clearly in your mind what you hope to achieve from the time. Let the universe know what you are looking for.

#5.  Be Grounded. 

Both before and after your practise ensure that you have grounded yourself, most guided practises will take you through this process, but if you are successfully meditating without the prompts, then you may forget this. If you experience headaches during or after your practise, this will likely be due to not being well grounded. You can try a few things, visualising tree roots coming out of/in to the souls of your feet. Standing barefoot outdoors or running your hands or feet in cold water.

Meditation is a truly beautiful thing to practise, and I highly recommend it to many of my clients. The benefits can be quite amazing to you both mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

It is not about reaching a state of enlightenment, levitating off of the ground or having gongs or wind chimes all around it, you don’t even need to burn an incense.
All of these are choices (except the levitation… that’s a fallacy), but all of the others are there if you want them, but not if you don’t.

Meditation is what ever you want it to be. An escape, a friend, an answer, guidance or just “Me” time. Whatever you want it to be, I highly recommend it.

To help you get started, I have created a simple and easy to follow Five Day Meditation Practise Programme online, which you can access via the Goddess Academy right now.

Included within the programme is SIX meditations, four of which are guided and two unguided for you to experiment and play with. [CLICK BELOW TO FIND OUT MORE].

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 13.48.42

Why not let me know what you have experienced whilst trying to meditate,

Thank you for reading this blog today, I truly hope that it has offered a small insight into the beginnings of mediation.

If you are local to Northampton, then why not join me on October 6th at Hardingstone Village Hall for a Self Love Mindful Meditation Workshop, where I will be helping participants in achieving a healthy and relaxing meditative state to help build confidence and self love. Just £20 per person, and places are limited. To book your place, click HERE.

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