Good Stress Bad Stress

Stress is a massive factor in todays modern world, with high demands and expectations coming from all directions, work, school, family, weight loss, health, even driving can be a stress with the roads being so busy these days. It really feels as if there is no escape from it all sometimes.

But recognising what is good stress and what is bad stress may help you to find your happy place and start to live a more productive and calm lifestyle.

I know, what they heck is “good stress“, right? We’ll get there in a minute….

Stress can have a pretty negative affect on your health, both mentally & physically, it can stuff up your sleep routines, leave you feeling anxious or worried and it can even slow down, sometimes even prevent weight loss… it’s all to do with your hormone balance.
Managing your stress level is pretty darn important for your overall health and well-being.

Too little stress in your life isn’t always a good thing either. I mean, no worries or stressors and you may end up feeling bored, lethargic and a bit like you don’t have any goals or direction in life. Too much and you feel like your head is going to implode and nothing ever works out for you.
But somewhere in-between boredom and obsession, is your happy medium…. not too much, not too little!

So, let’s talk good stress…. This is defined by things that make you feel alive, focussed and motivated, for some this may be a killer workout or riding a rollercoaster, a trip in an aeroplane or a bungee jump.
They ultimately stress you and your body, but are actually fun at the same time… They make you feel alive!
Saying that, some of these same activities may be a bad stress to another person… It simply depends on our unique opinions and feelings.

Similarly, the way in which we manage our stress boils down to our own uniqueness as well… I mean, meditation and yoga may work really well for me, but be boring as hell for you. So for me to write a blog that tells you exactly what YOU need to do to manage YOUR stress and stressors, would likely be counter productive. (I’m really not into giving false or unhelpful advice!).

So, how do you manage your stress?

Thats a great question… Firstly, do you even know what it is that is stressing you?
Are you giving a presentation to the board of directors at work, and worried you are going to fluff it up or are you scared of flying? Maybe things overall have just become overwhelming and you are not sure how to deal with everything.

You need to recognise your stressor before you can really plan your management technique.
If you are really not that sure, then I would highly recommend taking some goo quality time out, and just sitting with your thoughts, acknowledging them and finding the root of your stress.
Then, once you know your stressor, you can start to look for ways to relieve it. Calming music, walks in the park, swimming, exercise, maybe even a spa day or massage.

We are all different, so there is no right or wrong way to deal with what is grinding your gears, you just need to find the appropriate and most effective method of management.

Once again, my rockin’ mates over a Precision Nutrition have put this awesome infographic together for me to share with you, and I think it pretty much sums it all up… it even gives you some great management suggestions to help too. Check it out…

[PN INFO] good stress bad stress

Stress is not a laughing matter, nor is it one that should be ignored. Like the infographic says, ask for help if you need it, maybe work with a coach. Make sure you have support when and where you need it, and take some time for YOU!

What is your stress level like? And do you have ways of managing it?

If you have found this blog useful or informative, then let me know by giving it a like, maybe you could pass it on to a friend that may need a little stress management at times. Why not subscribe to the blog as well, then you will receive a notification when I next post…. You lucky devil, you!

In the meantime, have a great day & thanks for reading.

L x



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