The Dieting Lifestyle

Taken from my book “The Sugar Coated Secret Love Affair



We have all been there, right?

I’ll start on Monday!
Diets always start on Monday…. Why is that?
What is so great about Mondays?

Whether you have tried to cut your carbs, reduce your fat, lower your sugar, count calories, track your macros or kept within your points, we have ALL dieted at some point.

And we all know many other women who are trying to do the same.
But why do we feel the need to succumb to this crazy culture of cray-cray diets?

And more importantly, why do we keep doing the same thing over and over again, thinking that this time it will be different?
This time it’ll work!

This time I will stick to it!

And what is a diet anyway?
What does the word even mean?

The word “diet” didn’t appear in the English language until the 13th century, and originated from the Greek work “diaita” (δίαιτα), which actually meant “way of life”.

But regardless of where the word came from or what it means, there is no single diet that provides you with a lifestyle that you can sustain forever.
And to diet forever, well, thats not a fun way of life, surely?


You can’t count calories forever, resist temptations forever, avoid sugar forever, track macros forever.

Diets have become like a full time job, they are taking up so much of our precious time and energy, and we see very minimal long-term rewards or results.
I mean, is that the kind of unfulfilling “dead-end” job that you would like to have?

They bind you to rules, restrictions, routines and restraints that lead to you feeling as though you are living a life of deprivation, control and well, lets be honest… failure! That’s NO fun!

Diets are doomed to fail!

I remember when I tried to drop a few pounds before a holiday, I decided to do the low carb diet.
I felt great for about three days, then I got the dreaded carb flu and it took every ounce of my own self-control not to dive head first into a tub of Neapolitan ice cream… why I even wanted that I will never know… I don’t even like ice cream. I felt like I had won the war when I didn’t cave, but then I started feeling light headed, dizzy and nauseous. Eventually, I had to give in… and damn, did I give in spectacularly!

My point is, the hurdles that you face, the restrictions that you have to live with and the strength and discipline required to stay within the rules, are way beyond what most people can realistically achieve.

No matter how strong willed you may be!

In fact, long term, most diets actually have more health risks than benefits, including imagedepriving you and your body of some really crucial & amazing nutrients and vital nourishment!

We’ve all been there, we’ve all deprived ourselves and we have all cracked under the pressure, so wouldn’t it be an amazing feeling to live free from rules, restrictions, meal planning, deprivation, cravings, guilt and all of the other emotions that come tied to a “diet”?

In fact, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go out for a meal with your friends and just order whatever the hell you wanted…. WITHOUT feeling as though you have failed again, let yourself down or just lost control and binged on everything in sight?

Deprivation leads to bingeing!
Bingeing leads to guilt!
Guilt leads to self loathing!
Self loathing leads to more bingeing!
Before you know it you are in a very vicious cycle of Eat ~ Sleep ~ Weigh ~ Repeat!

Does that sound like the kind of lifestyle that you want to be a part of forever?

HELL NO! I don’t think so, thank you very much!
Where is the fun, the smiles, the love and the happiness… Oh yeah, it has been sucked out by all of these rules that I MUST live by!


The diet industry wants you to believe that their diet is the best thing since sliced bread and instant noodles. They know what they are doing and how to market to your weaknesses, your pains, your vulnerabilities.

They know how to suck you in, chew you up and then spit you back out 6 months later without having achieved a thing… other than the feeling that you have failed AGAIN!


How shitty is that?

But that is why the industry makes so much money, they know it wont work!
They know you wont achieve your goals!
They know you will feel hurt, disappointed, upset and a bit crap, and they know that you will come back again in a few months to try again.

They know that diets do not work!

And believe me, it isn’t you!
It isn’t your lack of determination, desire, will, strength or belief that makes you fall off of the wagon.

No! It is not YOU! You are NOT broken!

It is the RULES!
They are the broken ones!

You could have all of the will in the world, but you can’t make something work if it has been designed to make you fail!

So stop blaming yourself and remember…


I asked some of my clients and friends what the word “diet” made them feel, what it meant to them.
These were just a few of the responses that I received:

• Controlled

• Restricted
• Pressure
• Imperfect
• Not good enough
• Calories
• Self Loathing
• Depressed
• Binge Eating
• Out of Control
• Starvation
• Failure
• Monday
• Weak
• Skinny
• Jealous
• Rules
• Deprived
• Tracking
• No Life
• Prisoner
• Hungry
• Fat

Now, I don’t want to try and guide you on how you might think or feel, but none of these words paint a very positive picture in my mind.
There is no loving, caring, happy or joyful words here, and they certainly do not sound like a fun, fulfilling and happy lifestyle. Do they?

How many of these feelings/thoughts have you experienced whilst “dieting”?


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Featured Image Courtesy of @ Pexels

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