The Girl On The Train – Can you Change Your Mindset During Your Work Commute?

We all have “routines”, habits that are so well ingrained that they no longer require any kind of thought what-so-ever. These routines and habits feel almost impossible to break, no matter what you try they just keep on popping back up in your day to day.

Think about it, you get up in the morning, shower, brush your teeth, comb your hair, put on your make up and get dressed for work. Not a single conscious thought has occurred yet!
You skip breakfast, a coffee at the train station will do… Even that is so well implanted in your mind that the order just rolls off of the tongue without a thought.
The mind numbing commute to the city, a chance to check emails, flick through facebook. finish off that powerpoint that you have to present later today and maybe, just maybe catch up on the news reading the headlines of fellow commuters newspapers.

If only there was more time for you in the morning!

An hour later, you arrive in the city, you have done this journey so many times now, it is totally committed to memory – autopilot takes over.

You grab your second coffee at the familiar coffee shop en route to the office, arriving at pexels-photo-1101126.jpegwork at exactly 8.58am. It’s a well oiled, well practised, slick routine, with no room for any changes.

Where on earth could you do something for you?

Your work day starts almost three hours after your day started. Your tummy is still empty, with the exception of some super strength caffeine, and before long the grumbling demand for some sustenance begins – this calls for a quick “grab and go” moment, because you have that meeting in 45 minutes.

Was it a healthy Grab & Go?

Nine hours later, and you find yourself back at the train station, you had to work through your lunch to prepare for that afternoon meeting, so all that you ate was a few nuts that you picked at.
Now you’re starving hungry, and oh crap, look at the queue to the coffee shop!!! Ooooh, the muffin bar is quiet – another “grab & go” moment.

The train is cramped and stuffy, you feel the familiar guilt of not having time or energy Β to get to the gym again and after a few moments of thought, you justify this with “I’ve had a busy day, I deserve a rest!”
Bollox, another day completely consumed by work, but what about you? You pick up your phone, and carry on checking emails – does it ever stop?

An hour later you are at your car, about to drive home, trying to think about what is in the fridge that is quick and easy… Hmmmm, not much, you could always stop at the garage or shop on your way home, yum – grab and go dinner!

Every day the same, you love your work, but are less than happy with your health, body, diet… urgh!
How do you find a happy balance – if only “Mr Right” was waiting at home, and he just so happened to be an amazing cook.
Is that really asking too much???

This is the exact lifestyle of hundreds if not thousands of women up and down the country, you are not alone in being successful but still feeling a lack of personal confidence. The career came first, but now you want a little more “me” time in your life.
There is nothing wrong with that.Β pexels-photo-461077.jpeg

You want to feel empowered, strong, confident and generally good about yourself, your body and your life.

But much like you did for your career, you need to invest some time into your self, take control, be tenacious and driven – but do it with love.
But where do you start?

Mindset! It all starts from within your own head!

I understand that is is challenging to step away from work, business and career mode to think “me” rather than “it”.
Heck, I have run my own business for eleven years, and five, maybe even six of those I spent burning myself in to the ground, scared to step away, scared to say “no” just in case I missed something. I practically gave up my time with my family, any kind of socials and what the hell was relaxation???
I may not have had to commute, but 6am starts with 9pm finishes left very little time or energy for anything that I loved or wanted.

When I first started learning more about the concept of Mindset Coaching and Behaviour Change, it was meant to be for the benefit of my personal training clients, but I very quickly realised that I actually needed it more than they did, and what they needed was a coach that could function, think and help them effectively.
As I worked through each aspect of my own personal mindset, I started to make positive changes to every part of my life – lifestyle, health, fitness, happiness, relationships, energy, balance.

Establishing what I truly wanted, not today or tomorrow, but in my future, allowed me to build and shape my today and tomorrow to support that future. In essence, knowing my future allowed my present to nurture that dream, and step by step, day by day that dream started to become my reality.
I became more successful in my business and even more empowered in my mind, knowing that every action had an outcome that took me closer and closer to that future.

This exact same principle can be applied to almost any aspect of your lifestyle, health, fitness, diet and so much more. A simple switch in mindset that allows you to successfully change everyday routine into every day bad-assery!

Of course, I am not writing this to stick my tongue out at your and say “I know what you need to know”, quite to opposite actually.
I really want to give you something that you can take away from reading this, something that you can work on today.
I will not lie to you, mindset is a huge topic with many varying layers and transforming your own, although not necessarily challenging once you know how, does require time and patience, so I want you to start with something simple but effective to get you moving.

Understanding your “why” is a critical element of creating a consistent change in your lifestyle. So many people fail to achieve their goals in health, weight loss, fitness and many other areas of life because they simply do not appreciate “why” they want to change in the first place.
The goal itself is too weak and meaningless to inspire great action.

So, here’s where we start, your “why“!

Essentially, establishing your “why” is how we source your inspiration to get up every morning and take positive action that will support your future every day, rather than focussing on the “what” or “when“, your “why” really is one of the most valuable pieces of the mindset jigsaw.

Take your time when thinking about anything to do with yourself though, do not rush and allow the influence of others to cloud your judgement or shape your thoughts. Be alone or feel alone! Make this your first investment in yourself – time and patience. Nurture and grow your desire to change organically.
Your “why” shouldn’t relate to an event or holiday, it must be much bigger than that – in fact think of the bigger picture – think of your future, how you want your life to be, not just how it is now or how you want to feel on holiday.

How Do You Find You Why?

Ask yourself, how giving your very best, taking actions every day and achieving your goals will benefit and change your life, and the lives of those you care about most.

  • What will achieving your goals give you?
  • How will you feel?
  • What will your future look like?
  • Who will be in it?
  • What will your life be like?
  • Why is it so important?

Start to build an emotional connection between the future that you want and the things that you care about most. Write each answer down and feel the power of it, the stronger the emotion the more important the reason.
Write as many reasons as you can, not just one or two or even ten, aim big. Think about all areas of your life – health, relationships, holidays, career, family, love, home, body image and so on.

Not to guide you, but one reason that comes up regularly with my coaching clients is:

to feel a more positive attitude towards myself and my own reflection, to feel respect, self worth and pride in my appearance and my body. To not hide under baggy, ill-fitting clothes – To walk with my head held high

Build, nurture and grow your inspiration by making your goal, your future too important to not achieve.

Think – Feel – Be!

This single activity can help to transform your mindset, it will give you the strength, clarity and empowerment that you need to take meaning and purposeful actions. But remember, it is still only one piece of the much larger mindset puzzle.


Don’t be scared of your own thoughts, embrace them and allow them to guide you forwards.

If you find this activity insightful, then order a copy of my Success Diary from Amazon, where you will find the whole process of Mindset Coaching broken down into simple and easy to follow activities accompanied by a year long diary to help you reach amazing new highs in your personal life, lifestyle and happiness.
The beauty of the Success Diary goes way beyond its support, as it can be taken anywhere – even on the train for those daily commutes.
Your progress and your future need not be put on pause because of your journey to work any more.

Create your own pathways, nurture your true self and be who you want to be!

And, before you go, I am always here to support you, so if you need anything, reach out.

Good luck in finding your “Why”.

Until next time, much love!

Lesley x



The Success Diary is now available from Amazon!

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