Why You Should Be Doing Boxing Fitness!

EXERCISE logo copy 2Hey Readers,

It’s been a long time since I drove down to Middlesex and learnt the art of Boxercise… 9 years to be exact. But to this date, it still remains one of the best fitness class that I have EVER taught.

Boxing Fitness, whether it be Boxercise or any other brand or name that it may be called, is Ah-MAY-ZING for not only your fitness, but your muscles AND waist line as well.

Boxing Fitness has been around for YEARS, in fact it is one of the longest serving fitness classes next to step & well, just aerobics. But it never really took the world by storm, yet at the same time never faded into the abyss.

The actual sport of boxing is seriously demanding on the body… This household should know as one of us is an “ex” semi-pro Boxer. Can you guess which one???? πŸ€”Β It is a sport that requires a high level of fitness, agility, coordination, speed, power, strength, endurance, courage, nerve and loads of other attributes as well.
Of course, to attend a fitness class, it is not quite so tough… I mean you won’t physically get punched in the face or stomach etc. And of course to attend a fitness style boxing class, you do not necessarily need to go to a boxing gym… We wont be sparring with Rocky Balboa or Adonis Creed just yet!!!

But the demands on the body, when comparing fitness boxing & boxing, are not too dramatically different if you pick out a “good” class.

So Why Should you Be Trying Boxing Style Fitness???


Improved Cardiovascular Health & Fitness

There are more ways to get fit than just going for a run or hitting the spin class. Boxing style fitness classes encapsulate EVERYTHING you could ever need in a single session. When Punching (which you obviously need to do) the movement performed to correctly jab, cross, upper cut or hook moves through the entire body, NOT JUST THE SHOULDERS! Believe the me the core workout that you get form Boxing is second to none!!!

But the movement of the upper body & arms results in the blood pumping back to the heart quicker, therefore raising your heart rate, and over time, improving your fitness.

Boxing style fitness, will usually work in some kind of interval training, a minute on a minute off etc. This ensures that the heart rate goes up, recovers, then goes back up and back down again and so on.
Intervals are known and proven to increase your fitness results quicker.

image5 (2)

Improved Strength

Whether you are punching Focus Pads heals by a partner or punching a Heavy bag, the action requires strength & power. Although you may find it counter-intuitive to begin with, punching something hard, won’t hurt if it is correctly performed.
So by attending a class on a regular basis, you WILL increase the amount of strength, power & muscle that you have around your body.

During one class, you may throw hundreds of punches, this will need both upper and lower body and you core to engage, not only as your coil up or extend out in your punch, but as you connect your punch as well. Plus, many boxing style classes incorporate some kind of strength and agility circuits as well, to ensure that you really do get the BEST workout.

Better Coordination

Something that ALWAYS gets highlighted when teaching classes is the improvement of peoples coordination. Not just during a 1 hour class, but over weeks, months even years. Their coordination just keeps on getting better and better. The hand eye coordination results pass into day to day life as well.

Faster reflexes and reactions as well as improved motor skills come as part of the package.



Improved Stress Levels

After nearly every class I have ever taught, someone has approached me afterwards and said “Thanks, I really needed that!”. Boxing style fitness classes, or just punching a bag in a gym can REALLY help to reduce and manage stress. Obviously exercise as a whole can help, with the release of endorphins, but Boxing seems to act as a “vent” and real feel good class. It’s incredible cathartic!

So next time you feel like pulling your hair out, put on a pair of gloves and hit the bag!!!

It’s incredible cathartic!

DSC_0103 edited

Improved Physique

Not only does boxing style fitness offer great fitness and coordination benefits, but its is Shamazeballs for your body composition as well. Not just from a weight loss perspective, but muscle tone as well.
Boxing offers you a bit of everything that YOU need to burn calories, but build up some lean tissue at the same time. Incorporating strength moves, and agility, Intervals style training programmes, and cardiovascular fitness, it absolutely destroys calories! And fast TOO!
a class can burn upward of 600 Calories…. Which is pretty epic, right!?

By regularly participating in a boxing fitness class, whilst eating well, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t see some amazing results in your body shape, strength & fitness.

If I was you….. I’d check out the local gyms & Village Halls & find your nearest Boxing style Fitness class & get your tush signed up ASAP!

Thanks for Reading πŸ™‚



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