Calling All Coffee Lovers…. How Could This Coffee Help you to Lose Weight?

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 15.27.54Hey Readers,

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could make your habits work for your weight loss… Rather than changing them all and never really getting anywhere?

Well, the product that I am about to write about does exactly that… It allows you to make your morning coffee not only a rigid habit within your day, but something that you can now use as a tool to help you lose weight.

Could todays blog be about anything better??? NOPE!!!! COFFEE = WEIGHT LOSS!!! ☕️

So, Where did it begin & how did I find out about this? 

I received a message via LinkedIn, a couple of weeks, actually I lie, it was back in January 2018, and it is now March…. but I am rubbish on LinkedIn…. Anyway, it was from an old contact from my days of dealing with EAS Supplements, and more recently JST Nutrition.

This message simply read “I’m working for The Skinny Caffe now, send me your email and I’ll drop you some info“.
Cool! Ok! I like hearing about new things that make old things interesting!

So, I received this email from said contact, all about “The Skinny Caffe“. Turns out that The Skinny Caffe was launched about 11 months ago, so that would be April 2017, and since then has grown massively. Receiving lots of great press coverage and is now selling its products in over 145 countries. WOW!

With an impressive 190k followers across the social scene…. that’s impressive in such a short space of time 😯

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 15.43.50

Right now they are just gearing up to take things to the retail market, which must be uber exciting for all involved…. and a little hectic as well!

There are a couple of “skinny coffees” available, and you may have even stumbled across them yourself before, but I was clueless. So when I was sent some samples to try, I was genuinely excited. Simple things please me!

Both my partner and I have supplemented various things over the years, we have used thermogenic, CLA and Amino-Acids. Protein Powders, Creatine and various other things. So when we sat back and looked at the ingredients, we were pretty pumped to see that this coffee actually contained a lot of what we would usually supplement from multiple pills, drinks and powders.
This product was shaping up to be something WELL worth a try!

Now, I do love a good coffee in the morning, but I also occasionally like a good brew as well. Sometimes a herbal brew, normally Green tea or Ginger & Lemon. So when I realised that The Skinny Caffe also offered a range of tea’s, I was even more hyped. You might be thinking I should get out more….. could I have found something worth using???

Naturally, I was keen to get some of these and road test them.

What Is In It?
Obviously this depends on the flavour, as there are a few, including Salted Caramel, Vanilla or Roasted Coffee. I had the Roasted Coffee option, so this articular one includes:
  • dsc_1712.jpgRoasted coffee
  • Coconut milk powder
  • Un roasted ground green coffee
  • Acai Berry
  • Goji Berry
  • Juniper Berry
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • L Carnitine
  • Raspberry ketones powder

Literally the only difference between the Roasted Coffee, Vanilla and Salted Caramel is that the flavouring is added.
Oh, and there is a DeCaf version too!

Who Can Drink It?
Anyone! That is the short answer. The Skinny Caffe may look all pink and girly from the outside, but there is as much benefit to the guys, as there is the girls. In fact, my hubby is drinking it every morning with me. 😁

The other awesome thing about this product is it is Gluten, Dairy & Egg free, so for any one suffering from intolerances, it’s totally safe & natural!
AND….. it is Vegetarian and Vegan friendly!
Could you ask for more???

Was it Easy to Make?
YES!!! As simple as any other normal cup of coffee! The great think about this product is that you do not need to even add milk. They have been super clever and added Coconut Milk Powder to the instant mix. Although you can add a dash if you prefer.
All you need to do is Add water!
It Is Amazing!
How Did It Taste?
I love a good coffee! I usually drink Filtered Columbian or Greek coffee made in a Briki…. as well as my instant Nescafe Original, and as I don’t have milk, the flavours of these if pretty strong.
I don’t tend to do the whole coffee on the go thing, but have been known to order a Latte from Costa on occasions, so that gives you an idea of my preferences of flavour. (although now I am off Milk, lattes are pretty much a No Go!).
The Roasted Coffee from The Skinny Caffe matched up perfectly. Rich in flavour, bit not too intense that it blows your socks off, although still strong enough to know that you have had it. You can taste a small hint of the Raspberry Keytones, but if I am honest, this actually makes it nicer still.
I actually really enjoyed it, and found it easy to drink, as did the hubby!
How Did I Feel?
Great! I would say that there is definitely signs of a bit of “pep” from this coffee. The Green coffee beans and caffeine levels obviously work as a bit of a stimulant. I certainly felt that this was effective in my case, however, I have used supplemented stimulant thermogenics before. So, if you haven’t, then you may experience an even greater “pick me up” from this drink.
Otherwise, I felt pretty darn good actually. I could definitely feel it working some form of Voodoo Magic inside my body!
Did I see any Results?
Yes! I drank this coffee for a number of weeks, and will certainly carry on drinking it as well. In the first week I did see a weight loss, and definitely a change in my abs. I’d say flatter for sure. Bear in mind that I do workout several times a week and eat a good diet, so results will vary from person to person. But, overall, it definitely worked for me.
Which is pretty amazing when you consider that I just adding a Coffee to my lifestyle.
Is It Expensive?
In my opinion NO! Not for what it is! Supplements that contain the same kind of ingredients and offer a similar result, would be potentially £10-£20 MORE and that would probably not last you the month either. So no, it’s not expensive.
I’d say it was Good Value for money!
Would I buy More?
Would I buy more…. Pac, I already have, it’s on order right now!!! In fact, I have joined forces with The Skinny Caffe and now recommend it to all of my beautiful PT Clients and social followers! I Love It!DSC_1753_1
In Summary
I have been a bit blown away by this seemingly innocent coffee…. Not only does it taste great, but it is quick and simple to work into your lifestyle, easier than taking supplementary pills, and it is as easy to make as a normal coffee. Instant and Yummy!
Quick & Tasty!
And what is more, it only bloody works!

I am not one to be fooled by gimmicks or fads.
In fact I am really strict that I don’t fall for them.
I take my Hat off to The Skinny Caffe, they have produced a brilliant product that offers brilliant results!

If you want to get in on the action and order some Skinny Coffee or even Tea, then just drop me an email and I will sort out your order for you.
Remember, though, everyone is different, so the results may vary. But you will experience the best results when accompanied by a balanced and healthy diet and regular exercise.
Thanks for reading 🙂


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