The Most Ridiculous Fitness Products That Don’t Work

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Ok, so this blog is a bit of fun, but also kinda informative. I don’t want you going out and wasting money on products, gadgets & gizmo’s that simply do not offer a good benefit.

So, here are my TOP Three fitness products that are so ridiculous that they gained enough popularity to actually make someone very rich… But also just plain and simple… Do not work!
#1 ShakeWeight

The Shake Weight has been around for AGES and despite being sold online for the best part of Β£30, these little wrist wreckers actually popped up in the pound shops just a few years ago for about Β£3…. Erm… Big difference in price there!

These monstrous pieces of spring loaded plastic have been spoofed by so many you-tubers, tv shows & clever marketing gurus, but the truth is, they just make your arms ache like buggery without any real muscular benefit.
Bokwa Fitness even joined forces with Shake Weight to create a really gigantic flop in terms of fitness popularity. I know, because I use to teach Bokwa (which was loved), but the shake weights… well… we tried, we laughed our arses off and we left!
Shake Weight sold over 2million products in its first year and has doubled this since, but does anyone actually use them or are they just laying around ready for a drunken night of innuendo bingo???

#2 Free Flexor

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING???? Honestly? Could it be the worst joke ever?

I dont even really know what to say about this…. or where to start… I’ll let Jimmy Kimmel explains the Free Flexor AND the equally as hilarious Tug Toner (And I am not really convinced that this is real, but for S**ts and giggles, I’ll include it).

#3 The Sauna Suit

I’l start by saying if you want to sweat… Go and sit in an actual sauna rather than sitting in a pool of your own sweat.
Anything that makes you leak fluids is inevitably going to produce some kind of inch loss results, HOWEVER is this weight loss? NO!!!

The sauna suit basically acts to make you sweat, which will dehydrate you. Dehydration is going to lead to other health issues like constipation, headaches and poor digestion. So I would highly recommend that you avoid anything where excessive sweat is involved.

Although you may lose a little bit of weight, as soon as you drink fluids and rehydrate, you will regain this weight, and potentially water bloat as your body tries to retain as much as it can.

Really… not worth even trying! Plus you’ll potentially look like a rejected space cadet or like you are trying to relive the days of Mork & Mindy (darn… showing my age with that comment!).


Have you tried any of the above fitness fads? Share your experiences with me, I’d love to hear them.

But for now, my advice to you would be… If you want to lose weight, just start by eating a healthier diet – packed full of nutrient dense foods. AND start to move a little bit more. That’s it!

If you really want something that is going to work. check out my blog The Best Piece of Fitness Kit To Have at Home

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚


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