The Best Piece of Fitness Kit To Have at Home

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Not everyone is in a position to convert a spare room or garage space into a personal home gym, but staying at home and working out may be your only option, maybe you don’t have access to a gym or have young children at home. Or maybe you are simply too self conscious to walk into the gym environment at the moment.

If I am honest, there are thousands of people in these, or similar situations all across the world, and this was one of the reasons I left the gym, and started working as a freelance personal trainer and online coach.

One of the more common questions I get asked about “fit-kit” is “What is the best piece of equipment to buy?“.

There are a few reasonable answers to this question, and it really depends on what you want to achieve, so I shall give you my opinion on the best three pieces of home kit that you can invest in today (and the links to buy them).

#1 The Resistance Band

The resistance band is probably the BEST piece of equipment in terms of size, effectiveness and versatility. It is easy to store away, but this is also one of its biggest drawbacks as well, as it often gets stowed away and forgotten about.
There are literally hundreds of exercises that you can do with the band, and furthermore, you can decrease and increase your tension on the band without having to buy another.
This makes it easy to progress your workouts to the next level, without more expense.

There are two different types of resistance bands, the usual latex band, often given out by physiotherapists to aid rehabilitation and the handled resistance tubes. The tubes do have a greater impact on muscles as you are able to hold them as you would weights in the gym.
And, the latex bands to wear and can perish and snap if over used or not maintained properly.

Some companies own amazon, offer a variety pack with between 2 and 5 tubes for varying tension, so you can progress even further. And Reebok make THIS adjustable resistance tube.

You can find more resistance tubes on Amazon.

Here are just a few exercises that you can try. As you can see, I have used both types of bands, using the latex band for the clam and the tube for the remaining three. There is no right to wrong choice.


#2 The Kettlebell

The kettlebell is again a very versatile piece of kit, but it does have its draw backs. It only comes in one weight. There are variable weight bells available, but in my opinion, I have never found them to be stable or secure, so there is always a slight concern of it separating as you swing the bell towards your window or TV screen… (not good!).

So, I tend to recommend the cast iron neoprene covered bells for most people.

In my experience, most women who are just starting in the fitness journey should be able to start with a 7-8kg bell. Although if you are stronger or fitter, you may want to go higher.

There are loads available on Amazon again, and some supermarkets also sell bells now, but do not be fooled into thinking a weight of 2-5kgs will reap the rewards that you want, this weight probably won’t work you enough.
If you can, test a few out in the shops and get the weight that you feel pushed, but comfortable with.

Here is a good selection on Amazon.

A good selection of exercises can be performed with the Kettlebell, from some of the usual dumbbell exercises to more specific kettlebell swings. Here are a few examples that you can try.
In these videos I am using a 9kg kettlebell, however, I could easily double or even triple this weight for some exercises, so you may need to consider 2 or 3 bells to really vary your workouts.



#3 Yoga Mat

This may sound like a really silly piece of equipment, but believe me, if you have hard floor surfaces, a mat could save your workout from complete discomfort and despair. Have you ever tried to plank or crunch on wooden or tiled flooring? It is not nice.

There is no right or wrong exercise mat, either and they are relatively inexpensive. Check out Amazon, where they start from as little as £5.99. You can also tend to pick these up in most supermarkets now-a-days too.

The variety of exercises that you can do with a mat stretches far and wide, from a comfortable plank, with no pain or carpet burning (and questioning from your friends and partner) to burpees and more impactive cardio floor exercises.

Heres a few that you can try just as soon as you have your mat down on the ground.


A few honorary mentions. 

If you are a little more hardcore, and want to take your workouts to the next level, then here are a few pieces of small, effective and easily stored pieces of kit you may want to consider:

  1. TRX – On AMAZON
  2. PowerBag – On AMAZON
  3. Variable Weight Dumbbells – On AMAZON
  4. Medicine Ball – On AMAZON

In truth, there is loads of things that you could have at home that take up very little space, and can offer a really varied and functional workout. But, even if you have it say there, you will only achieve the results if you actually pick it up and use it!

Thanks for reading 😉


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