Is It Possible to Change Your Habits?


If you have been following me for a while you may know that I have a healthy interest in Psychology, Behaviour Change & Mindset Coaching.

In fact, I have been working with many of my clients both on & offline, using mindset coaching for quite some time now, and I have seen some incredible results from both them, and myself.

It’s quite incredible how strongly mindset affects your actions and decisions.

In February 2017 I held a free workshop and spoke to a room full of like-minded women who wanted to transform their habits, change their mindset and ultimately improve their health, fitness, body and life.

So, what did I tell them….

Most people fail at their weight loss & health goals not because they lack motivation or the determination to achieve their goals, but because they firstly do not truly know what they want to achieve. But most importantly, they do not know WHY they want to achieve it.

Of course, we all spend time wishing we were thinner, faster, stronger, leaner, sexier, happier and a multitude of other “ers”, but how do we get from point A, where we are right now, to point B, where we want to be?

Furthermore, how do you even know that when you get to point B, that you’re going to be happy?

Obviously the workshop went deeper than just this point, but for the purpose of the blog I will keep it short and sweet.

After the workshop, I had a deluge of emails, questions, messages of gratitude and enquiries about the Mindset Coaching.
“How Can I strengthen my Why?”
“What do I need to do to establish What is important to me?”
“Does this method always work?”

I was blown away, and at that moment, knew that the Mindset coaching wasn’t just a Face to face “thing”.
I had applied all of the techniques to my personal training clients, with phenomenal success. They had gone from Limp and lack lustre to kick-arse and killing it, in a matter of days, not weeks. But over the weeks, the results spoke for themselves.

I started receiving emails and messages like you can see above, and people were not only loving their training & nutrition, but loving themselves.

These people were successfully transforming their lifestyles, with very little effort, and wiping out their old habits for the new. It was, and still is an incredible thing to witness.

So, to go back to the title of this blog – Is it Possible to Change Your Habits?
YES! But only when you know exactly what you want and why you want it. Only then will you have the personal drive, ambition, determination and inspiration to continually keep on keeping on. Because you know where you are going and what this is going to bring to your life on a daily basis.

Which, ultimately, is happiness!

If you want to know more about the Successful Mindset as an Online Coaching Programme, then you can enrol on Udemy today and get to work on achieving exactly what you want in life – whether it is fitness, weight loss or a huge surge in your self esteem and confidence. The course, WILL serve you what you need.

But, if you are more of a physical kind of person, and enjoy a good book in your hands, then you can pick up The Success Diary on Amazon Here.


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