Fall In Love with Fitness this Valentines!

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February presents it’s own very unique challenges when it comes to health, fitness & weight loss. But, this doesn’t mean that you have to throw in the towel and give up on achieving your body confidence.

Here’s a few tips on how to stay on track and make the best of the shortest month the year.

For starters, there is a great point, February is the shortest month of the year, being only 28 days long. Four weeks! Thats nothing! We have just survived the one month that seems to go on for eternity, so four weeks should be a doddle…Right?

Set yourself some small and easily achievable goals for the month, and then create a “to-Do” list of actions to help you stay accountable. Plan out your month and keep reminding

Monthly Goal Setting To do List 2018.jpg

yourself, it’s only a few weeks.

You can download my Free Goal Setting Worksheet here.

Work your way through the month, and keep checking in with yourself and make small adjustments as you go. But don’t walk away and give up! Just Keep on Keeping on!

Fall In love with fitness, by finding a group or class that you really enjoy going to. This could be Zumba, Circuits, CrossFit or Spin. Maybe a walking group, swimming lessons or outdoor Buggy Bootcamp. Whatever it is, make friends, and start to enjoy the social time as well as the active time.

Finding an activity that you truly enjoy participating in, is going to massively increase your consistency and regularity of exercise. Rather than looking at it as “exercise” look at is as “Me Time”… and we could all do with a bit more of that!



Much like Christmas, Valentines is fuelled by sugar rich treat and chocolates to say those three all important words that we all long to here. “I Love You”. Which is super splendid and of course, something we all love to hear.

But does it really need to come at the cost of our waistlines, butts and hips?

Of course not. Simply ask your partner not to buy you chocolates, and to be a little more thoughtful and original! Yes, I know, we love chocolate, but would you rather be rocking the bikini on the beach this summer or clawing at the bottom of an empty candy box, feeling guilty?

If you are planning a romantic meal for two for Valentines, maybe check out the restaurants menu before you arrive, and decide what you are eating before you go. Pick a healthier option or better still, cook a romantic meal! Check out some of my recipes for some inspirations here.

There is no easy way to say this, but we simply do not love ourselves enough. Now I am not talking in a physical way here, that would just be odd…. although there is some truth in how “that” can burn additional calories…. But, I mean in a mental way.

We tend to not like looking at ourselves in the mirror, picking fault, judging and assuming that we know what others think when they look at us. We are incredibly negative about our own appearances and actions, always putting ourselves down and reliving the same vicious cycle over and over and over and over again.

Love YOur Body.png

“I’m too fat! I’m not sexy! I can’t do that! I will never look like that! I could never achieve that!”

We settle for second best, and it’s about time we stood up, stuck out our boobs and held our heads up high!

Your body is amazing, just like mine! We are the same, you & I! Made of skin and bones. And you are capable of achieving anything that you set your mind & heart on! More importantly, you are beautiful & YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Stand in front of the mirror and start to work on your mindset, and start to fall in love with yourself!

Look into your own eyes and tell yourself that you are worth it! Tell yourself that you love YOU! Tell yourself that you are beautiful. Find your favourite features or behaviours, and start to talk about the positives, rather than the negatives. Break the cycle of doom & gloom, and put a smile on that beautiful face of yours!

Rather than focusing on numbers, weights, dress sizes and so on, focus on how you feel. Focus on what is going on inside. Are you feeling good, are you happy, are you excited about something? Do your clothes feel looser? Does your skin feel healthier? Is you mind feeling clearer? Start to FEEL the smile on your face!

FEEL your way to health through loving yourself!

If you are lucky enough to have someone sending you chocolates this valentines, or treating you to a romantic meal for two, then stay strong! Don’t talk about diets, fatness, fitness or any other health goals. Keep it inside your head. Have your own private conversations with yourself. Wake up determined and go to bed satisfied! Stick to your plan, and stay on track.

BUT…. Enjoy all of the love from all angles, from your partner, your admirer, your friends, your children, your lover, your dog, your cat AND most importantly… YOURSELF! Because, if you weren’t worth it… all of these people WOULDN’T LOVE YOU!


Happy Valentines You Beautiful, Amazing, Powerful, Strong & Sexy Soul!!


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