Hit the Slopes in Tip Top Shape

Most people are thinking about the Christmas Party at the moment… What to wear? Will it fit? Can they shift a few pounds before the event?

I’m fortunate in this respect… my company only has the grand total of ONE employee…. ME! And as much as I love a good “shindig”, a party for one is not that much fun.

Instead, I’m thinking about my fitness and strength for when I hit the mountains this winter… Oh yes, getting ready for the ski season is as important, in fact, more important than getting ready for the beach season.

You see, hitting the beach and feeling good in a bikini is all about confidence and vanity…. hitting the slopes out of shape could be the difference between coming home happy and coming home with a new plaster cast as an accessory!

So, in preparation for my forthcoming winter trip, I thought I’d put together a quick blog with my favourite exercises to strengthen my legs, back and core.

First up…. is the Deadlift!

A full body exercise, that builds up strength and stability in the thighs, lower back and core… I LOVE deadlifting, it’s up there in my top three exercises to do for just about any goal.

In this video, I am lifting very little weight for the purpose of demonstration, but you want to progress your weight up and challenge your body! This Bar weighs just 20kgs, whereas my usual workout weight would be more like 60-75kgs.

Next Up is the Curtsey Lunge.

We all focus on the front & back of our thighs but forget the importance of the inner & outer thigh muscles, and all of the ligaments that hold us together that run down the sides of the thigh & knee. I have lost count how many people have told me after a ski trip that they have “mullered” the ACL or LCL.

Don’t fall foul of this, do some exercises on the Adductor & Abductor machines in the gym or build up from a Curtsey Lunge.

The Core is as important in Skiing, as the strength & stability of your thighs, so you can hit the crunches & planks as much as you like. But my advice would be to mix it up and try a variety of stabilising exercises that incorporate movement, as well as static holds.

Something like the plank with a kick through or leg raise/glute raise.

Here are a few Plank variations that you can try.

Bring the Obliques in to the mix for even greater stability of the core & back.

You can work on your thighs and glutes from the floor as well…

My best advice is don’t arrive unprepared. If it is your first try at Skiing, remember that it is tough on the legs and back, especially if you are spending several hours on the slopes or in Ski School.

Take a swimsuit with you and reward your body with a nice soothing swim or sauna after a day on the slopes…. or maybe even a massage if your hotel provides it (which many do).

Above all though… Remember to have fun! Take in the scenery and enjoy nature (except bears…avoid bears🐻!).

Enjoy the slopes this season…. and who knows, I may even see you up there!



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