Why Motivation Isn’t Enough


Motivation…. we all have it and we all lose it. But why?

If we want something so badly, why do we fail time & time again to actually achieve it? What is stopping us from actually making that breakthrough and heading straight to goal? Why is it so hard to stay motivated to achieve the things we want the most?

The truth is, we do not fail to achieve our goals because we do not want them, of course we want them….. It is more likely that we fail to achieve our goals because we are chasing either the wrong thing, or more likely is, we are chasing them for the wrong reasons.

If you are chasing your goals for the wrong reasons, then motivation IS going to dwindle, and relatively quickly too.

You have probably said something similar to most people –
“I want to lose weight for my holiday this summer”
“I want to look good for a Christmas party”
“I just want to lose weight so I can feel better”
“I want to be a size 12!”

Which are all OK… BUT, what do they truly mean to you as a person? If you achieve these goals do you KNOW with absolute certainty that you WILL be happier? Your life will improve?
You may have seen a lot of stuff on many of the fitness pages on facebook & or maybe even blogs written by personal trainer, about SMART goals, you know the acronym:
Time Sensitive

But that they fail to miss in this goal setting formula, is possibly the most basic and MOST important factor… PERSONAL!!!!!


  1. Personal to YOU!
  2. Have an importance to YOU and YOUR life!
  3. Improve the life that YOU are leading!
  4. Make positive changes to things that YOU care about!
  5. Bring Genuine Happiness to YOU!

Personally, I prefer using my little acronym below, that covers what should be important when setting your goals, NOT whether it is measurable or not!  Your goal needs to be:

Heart – It needs to relate to things that YOU care about!
Attitude – It needs to instil and attitude on DESIRE & WANT from YOU!
Presence – It needs to make you present in YOUR body & decisions
Purpose – It needs to give purpose to YOUR actions and efforts!
Inspiring – It needs to inspire YOU!
New Beginnings – It needs to promise a new lifestyle and outcome for YOU!
Expressive – It needs to express who YOU truly are!
Self Esteem – It needs to being improvements to YOUR self esteem!
Specific – It needs to be YOURS!!!

Your goal and the reasons for wanting it, are the most crucial elements of the process. Have a chink in this part of your plan, and motivation will NOT be playing as a member of your team.
But we actually don’t need motivation, I mean it is good starting ingredient, but INSPIRATION is the key!

I mentioned in my HAPPINESS acronym that you goal needs to be inspiring, but what do I mean by that?
This short video, may actually explain it better.


You see, by giving yourself reasons to achieve your goal that are PERSONAL TO YOU and IMPORTANT TO YOU, you are going to fuel yourself with something MUCH stronger than motivation. you are going to give yourself INSPIRATION!

Give the exercise in the video a try and see what Reasons you come up with. Pick out the few that really have an emotion impact on you, and start to feel the need to achieve your goals. Reset your own mindset with nothing more than your own desire.

One of the great things about using your own inspiration to drive your goal, is that you can ALWAYS look back and refresh your mojo. You can always go back and do the exercise AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN, to keep yourself running on a higher octane fuel. Your inspiration is always there, you just need to tap into it, and start using it!

Good Luck! And please feel free to let me know how you get on with this exercise on the comments below.

Thanks for Reading 🙂



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