“Healthy Recipes are so Dull” …. Really?

I hear this so often… “…. healthy recipes are so boring!” Or “I’m bored of salads!” & “it’s all so tasteless!”

Oh come on people! Really?
Is your brain so cluttered up with the crap that the media tells you, that you can’t even think up a recipe that doesn’t include something from a packet or ready prepared that tastes good?

In my 10 years as a Trainer & coach, I have heard just about every line going. When I first started training to become a PT, my tutor said “clients will use the “no time” excuse or “too boring” line to get out of anything they can, it’s the adult equivalent of “the dog ate my homework!”

Now, I took this with a pinch of salt and thought ‘surely as full grown adults, they can’t be using these excuses that much’. But recently, well actually, since qualifiying and starting my career, I have heard it on a weekly basis , if not once, twice sometimes even three or four times.
Basically what he was trying to say to us back then was, most people are looking for the quick fix and are too lazy to actually put in the effort.

Taking the example of “the Dog ate my Homework”, I actually think that many adults shun their responsibility and accountability far more than kids do, especially when it comes to their health.

Truth is, healthy eating doesn’t need to be boring, monotonous or bland. It doesn’t have to consist of copious amounts of lettuce, celery, rice cakes and flavourless cracker breads.

In fact, healthy eating is far more interesting, exciting, tasty and colourful than people give it credit for, and far more beneficial to our health for obvious reasons.

The fact that people do not experiment with cleaner ingredients is purely down to “it takes too long”, “it’s too much effort”, “I don’t have time”…. this loosely translates to can’t be bothered, don’t like change, believe it costs too much money…. basically…. laziness!

Healthy food

If you actually want to achieve your goals, and I mean really WANT them, then you will put in the effort to try. You will put in the effort to plan. You WILL put in the effort to make a positive change to your lifestyle & diet.

I Have written many Ebooks, InfoSheets and Recipe Books, many of which I give away for free to help show people that being healthy and achieving results isn’t always hard. You just need the right approach.

recipe book pic

Why not download my FREE Recipe Ebook today and see what kind of culinary delights I have conjured up in the Kitchen for you in the past.

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Each recipe has full Instructions, Ingredients, Calorie Value and MacroNutrient Breakdown.
It took some time to put it all together, but there is some lip-smacking meal options in there.

Just try putting in a little bit of effort, and you will be repaid ten fold. Your body will look and feel better, your concentration will improve, your energy levels increase and you will feel generally quite Awesome!

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