What is Good Nutrition? 

Eat a healthy & balanced diet they say!

Make sure you are eating a good nutritious balance of food they say!

So what is Good Nutrition? 

Food is more than just “fuel“, it’s information for the body. What we eat tells our body what to do with our hormones, whether to create one or not, whether to express a protein or not… it triggers a cascade of reactions that lead to your body using the food efficiently.

But, it also tells your story… where you’re from, who you are, what you believe in, yourIMG_7884.JPG interest in the environment, your culture, upbringing and so much more!

Food is so much more than fuel! It’s raw, data entry & information for your body! It’s power, health & vitality (by the way “vita” is Latin for life!).

The foods we eat should be nutrient dense, colourful, sustainable and wholesome.

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Thanks for reading and stay happy & healthy!


Lesley x


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