Train your Brain to Crave Healthier Foods

NUTRITION logo copyYou may have heard me bleating on about mindset and understanding how you think recently on my Social Media posts, and this is because using your brain as the biggest and most powerful tool for weight loss could be the difference in achieving your goals or not.

So can you train your brain to crave healthier foods? Sure you can, with a little practise and listening to your body, anything is possible!

For some people, eating healthy is a laborious task, and leave them feeling as though they are depriving themselves of all those deliciously naughty and unhealthy snacks, treats and take aways. Truth is, there is no deprivation in healthy eating… but lots in unhealthy eating.

Mindless eating of high sugar, high calorie nibbles and meals could be down to your brain… yep…. the brain!

It’s normally thanks to a designed habit that you have formed over time, something that you treat as a go to simple choice. It takes NO thought, NO time and NO effort to do this… because it is a habit. When you create a Habit, it creates a pathway in your brain. Neurons fire every time you happy or unhappy chemicals are released, creating this pathway that leads to, and wires you to repeat behaviours that felt good in the past. These pathways start to form when you are a child, and continue to form throughout your life.

The problem is, what once felt good, may not feel so good now that you are older, wider and needing to shed a few pounds.

There is some good news though… It is possible to “rewire” the brain, deleting old pathways and creating new ones. YES!

You need to understand that doing something once, isn’t going to create a new pathways, you need to repeat it over, and over, and over, and over again. Building a bridge between neurons until the pathways is built and strong enough to become a natural action… a habit.

Have you ever swapped sugar for sweetener? It didn’t come naturally to start with, but over time, it got easier and easier to use the alternative sweetener didn’t it… until now, it is just the norm. Thats because your repeated this over & over until the bridge was built and the pathway was there. Now it required No thought!

So how can we train the brain to Crave healthier food?


The process works the same as anything else! Doing the same thing again and again.

Here are my top tips for rewiring your food craving Neurons:

  • Keep healthy food available to hand. Use things like nuts, fruit, chopped veg or healthy alternative home made oat cookies to avoid the temptation of eating something that will not support your goals. My personal favourite is my nut box, which has a range of different nuts & dried fruits available at all times.
  • Mindful Eating is an action where you take your time eating, you chew your food slower, taste the foods and actually aid the digestion of your food as well. Many people rush their food, don’t chew as much as they should and certainly do not savoury flavour. This is partly due to eating processed junk for so long, there is little flavour there to actually savour, but with a healthy diet… ooooh the tastebuds are having a party!
  • Present your food well, making food look nice gives your brain the idea of something more exciting. This is why posh nosh in restaurants is all dressed up, despite there not being much on the plate. Pretty food is a feast for the brain & belly!
  • Add variety… When you eat a healthier more nutritious diet, you actually open up so much variety. Variety is the spice of life, and this saying didn’t come around from jokers… Adding variety gives your brain something toward on, and experience. And that experience starts to form a new pathway!
  • Visualisation… not only do you want to see your goals, but you want to feel the as well. Being able to relate to your goal in an emotional way is far stronger than any motivational meme you will see on Instagram. Your goal needs to link to you emotionally in order for you to DRIVE towards and be inspired to achieve it!


Give these tips a try & start to make mindset changes that will shape you and your future!



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