What Happens When you Quit your Workout!

EXERCISE logo copy 2Are you about to give up on your New Year Resolution to get to the gym a few times a week?

Have you been skipping sessions, and telling yourself 1 missed workout wont hurt (but actually missing 2 or 3)?

Do you know what happens when you STOP working out?

It’s a well known fact that by now, many of the January Gym Joiners have unfortunately given up going. Lack of Support, Boredom, Lack of support, No change in their workouts, Lack of Support…. you get the idea! To a big Gym, you are just a number, and that number is around £40 per month (maybe more depending on the gym you joined!).

With so many people joining, how on earth are the two or three gym instructors working there ever going to support EVERYONE…. Especially when they have so much cleaning to do? Yep, gym instructors are often just glorified cleaners on Minimum wage! So, the lack of support really does have an impact on whether or not you stick with it, or stick your fingers up to it!

But, rather than focusing on whats wrong with the gym, I have already done that is my Blog about why you shouldn’t join the gym in January , let’s talk about what happens after you stop working out!

Within TEN days! 

Exercise is always thought of with regards to how it can change your body, and only a few people ever really consider how it affects and changes us mentally. Studies have found that taking even a short break from exercise can make changes to the brain function. Reducing the blood flow to the parts of the brain that mainly control memory & emotion.

Within TWO Weeks!

It only takes TWO weeks for your fitness & endurance levels to start to drop 😦 If you are a regular exerciser, and you have ever had a break through injury or holiday, you may relate to this… that first workout back after the break feels like you are starting again. And although its not quite that bad…. It feels it!

Being sedentary for 2 weeks will cause a decrease in the maximum amount of oxygen that your body can use by about 10%. This could lead to you feeling much more out of breath doing something relatively simple like going for a walk or climbing the stairs. This will only get worse as well, so the longer you stay out of action, the more it will drop! After a month it can have dropped by 15% and by three months it can further drop by another 5%.

Staying active can help, so if you can, KEEP MOVING!

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Within FOUR Weeks!

Strength on the other hand doesn’t tend to reduce quite as quickly as your fitness & endurance, and it is something that differs from person to person. However, sitting around for a month will have an impact on your strength, you may experience a decrease in the amount of weight you can lift or the amount of repetitions that you can perform. Either way, do you really want to lose what strength you have gained and those signs of tone and shape? Of Course NOT!

Wishing EIGHT Weeks!

It has all gone to pot… and after eight weeks of kicking the gym kit to the back of the wardrobe, you will start to notice changes in your shape, weight and how your clothes are fitting! After 6-8 weeks, you will likely start to gain fat, which is a bummer if you worked your but off to lose it!

Try & keep active, even if you are not going to the gym try & get out & walk (see my walking workouts blog). This will at least keep you active.

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