Is Your Sleep Affecting your Weight Loss?


Sleep, we all love a good sleep don’t we! But what if you are only getting a couple of hours a night, or your sleep is constantly broken and disturbed? How can this affect your weight loss results… and your health?

Sleep is a BIG part of being healthy, and for those of you who brag about being able to function on a few hours a night, well more fool you! When we sleep we hit a massive big reset button on our bodily systems, hormone production & regulation, appetite regulation, mental clarity & focus and much, much more!

It’s a bit like when your PC isn’t working and your I.T department advise you to switch it off and back on again! REBOOT!

If you are eating healthy, working out and still not seeing the results that you think you should be, then poor sleep may be the problem here.

Sleep Quality.jpg

Everything from lucid thinking, to good decision making, to proper digestion, to high performance is heavily dependent on getting good quality sleep.

The minimum requirement for an adult is 7 hours of sleep per night! 😳 Are you getting that? 😴

I know that if you have younger children, then this is likely to be wishful thinking, but we all need GOOD sleep! regardless!

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Whilst we sleep, our body continues to function, calories are burnt and hormones are balanced, if we break our sleep or get disturbed regularly, or if we have too little sleep this reset of hormones cannot be completed, like I said above its like rebooting your PC, if you don’t do it properly, or don’t leave it to close down for long enough, then the system will open with an error, things will not have been saved properly and the drive (brain) will not function correctly until it has caught up!

So how can we improve our Sleep Quality?

Good Sleep infographic 2.jpg

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