Summer Bodies Really are Made in Winter

EXERCISE logo copy 2So you want to look good on the beach this Summer?

Don’t we all! But if you REALLY want to achieve that beach body confidence then I have a few simple tips for you that you can start to implement into your exercise, nutrition and lifestyle RIGHT NOW!

You may be reading this thinking, “you are having a laugh, we haven’t toasted in the New Year yet and you are already talking about Summer bodies!” And I really am not having a laugh with you!

I have a holiday booked for early summer next year, 2 weeks in the beautiful Crete, and guess what, I have already started working on my summer body goals! It may sound cliche, but Summer bodies really are made in Winter!

Think about it, if you are going away in June and you start working out a month or two before hand, how much of your goal are you going to achieve? Don’t you think you are leaving it a little late? A little to chance?

If you start on your summer body fitness early, then you have room for bad days, errors, time out if you fall ill or injured… You are giving yourself time to change in a sustainable and healthy manner. Time to adjust and time to succeed!!!

So, how can you start TODAY!

Firstly, if you are not already exercising, START NOW! Get your classes, PT sessions, Consultations everything all planned in ASAP! You don’t have to join a gym for any of this, you can workout at home or in the big wide world outside you window! If you are local to Northampton, you can book a completely free of charge, no obligation consultation with me to discuss your health and fitness goals and how we can achieve them by your deadline date! Click here to book a consultation now Remember its FREE so what have you got to lose, other than weight?

If you are already exercising, try changing up what you are doing and reinvigorating your metabolism and muscles. The body can become resistant if you always do the same thing. As the saying goes “Do what you have always done, and get what you have always got!” Again, if you are local to Northampton, you could always come and join my Monday Evening Circuits class at Hardingstone Village Hall. It will totally overhaul your current workout routines and bring you awesome results!

In terms of Nutrition, if you want a flatter stomach, you need to start cutting out the shitty foods that you have been eating. Get rid of the processed junk and start eating a clean and nutritious diet that will fuel your body effectively. If you are shoving junk food down your throat, then you are likely to have more fat storage AND because it is so full of processed junk, you are likely to suffer with inflammation of your stomach lining and poor digestion… all of which will give the appearance of a belly bulge! So drop the Junk! Wherever you are in the world, if you want to have a chat about your Nutrition with me, then you can book an online Discovery Session for Free (worth £95) by clicking here.

If you need some inspiration for recipe ideas, then why not check out my Facebook Page for fresh, healthy and weight loss supporting recipes EVERY week! Check it out here: LM Fitness on Facebook

Consistency is key here, so don’t just make this a one week, or one month mission to get slimmer. Losing stored body fat takes time, and as long as you workout and eat right then you WILL get results. Its not about eating less either, so don’t start to starve yourself and skip meals, this will only lead to a “starvation mode” switching on in your body and this leads to excess fat storage. Eat and eat Right!

Plan you goals, rather than saying you want to lose 4 stone by July, break it down into months, and then into weeks, and then further even, into days! Making your goal bite-size, manageable chunks will make it a whole lot easier to continually monitor and motivate yourself as you hit your mini goals.


Keep track of what you are doing, plan what you need to do and make sure that you are always prepared for the week ahead! Your gym kit is washed and ready, your meals are planned and the food is in the fridge!

Start early and set yourself up for an awesome year of successful weight loss, muscle toning and confidence boosting and by the time you hit the airport for your jolly in Summer, you will feel like a new person with a new lease of life!

Just keep telling yourself SUMMER BODIES ARE MADE IN WINTER!!!

If you want to get in touch with me, the you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or visit the Website for more information 

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