Summer Bodies Really are Made in Winter

So you want to look good on the beach this Summer? Don't we all! But if you REALLY want to achieve that beach body confidence then I have a few simple tips for you that you can start to implement into your exercise, nutrition and lifestyle RIGHT NOW! You may be reading this thinking, "you... Continue Reading →


Healthier Alternative Christmas Desserts & Sweets

Christmas is coming and we don't want to get fat now do we! So I am about to share with you some of the recipes that we use in our household to avoid excessive crap consumption! I must stress that these recipe ideas are still calorie containing foods, so don't think that because I have... Continue Reading →

What is MCT Oil???

Let's go a little geeky for this blog, it's been a while since I spoke all scientific to you! Have you heard of MCT Oil? You may have heard the term coming up when talking about Bulletproof coffee, but if you haven't heard of that, then you may b clueless all the same. So, what... Continue Reading →

Christmas Core Challenge

Your challenge should you choose to accept it is to start sculpting your abs for Christmas! This challenge isn't 30 days, it isn't 2 weeks, heck it isn't even a challenge. It is just a series of awesome ab exercises that will, when consistently worked at, start to tone up your abdominal region and pull... Continue Reading →

Crush you Chocolate Cravings

If you are like me, those pesky chocolate bars at the counter all seem to squeal your name as you approach the shops till. Yes, we all have cravings, and we all like stuff that isn't necessarily good for us. But how can we beat those cravings and avoid binge buying chocolates for no apparent... Continue Reading →

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