Ten Tips for Fat Loss & a Healthy Lifestyle (part one)

NUTRITION logo copyAs a Transformation Coach, I have to work closely with people, not only on activity, but lifestyle & nutrition as well. I share 10 top tips with everyone that joins me as a client, and these explain the “science” behind the tip.

In many cases, I have found that explaining the science, often helps people to have those “A-haaaa” moments that lead to them making better choices with their lifestyle & nutrition choices.

I have decided to share these top tips with via the power of Blogs, and am going to run a ten part mini series that will link back and forth to each other, so if you miss one and it refers to another, you can simply click the link and BOOM… the related post will open. (I’m just trying to be helpful).

These ten basic foundations that I am about to share with you are the formula (along with a few other secrets), that I have established in my programmes, and that have revolutionised the way in which my clients think about food, transforming not only their lives, but their bodies as well.

That’s enough blurb from me, let’s get into the nitty gritty stuff that you want to know.

Nak’d Food is the Bottom Line: 

I often get asked about different diets, and why some of my clients achieve rapid and amazing results that they are able to consistently maintain. Although there is no one specific answer, other than maybe having an awesome coach, all of my clients will swear by the importance of eating Nak’d foods. I call it Nak’d because that the name of my Nutrition Package “Nak’d & Nutritious”!

So, What is Nak’d Food? 

Nak’d food is clean, whole foods. Single ingredients that have not come under any kind of manipulation by man, that nourish the body and contain not only a calorific value, but a strong nutritional one as well. Food that contains no additives or preservative that are virtually impossible to articulate.

The Golden Nak’d rule here is, if it has sprouted from the ground, walked on the earth, soared in the sky or swam in the sea, then it is truly Nak’d food.

Why do I Recommend Nak’d Food? 

Over the past 10 years working as a Trainer and Nutritionist, I have seen remarkable health improvements in not only myself, but my clients who have followed my programme/s. Not only have they experienced healthy and consistent fat loss, but dramatic and significant improvements to their health and body composition.

By eating Nak’d food, you are providing your body with a great balance of all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that you will need to run efficiently and healthily.

Just like anything, if something is well looked after, it will last you longer and perform much better.

So besides feeling much healthier and more energetic, you will end up with a healthier, slimmer, leaner physique. And a body that can pull energy from stored fat. In other words, you become a FAT BURNER!

Next Step: 

It truly is that simple, and there it is in black and white for you! My first foundation rule that I teach to my clients is out there for you to use.

Please don’t just sit on this information, and forget this. I really want this blog series to help you!

I came into this industry nearly 10 years ago to help people, and that is what I am doing for you right now. I am giving you the information to change your life. So let this be a turning point for you. Act on it right away!
Go and download my Nak’d Nutrition Recipe Book (here is the link to do this) and pick out THREE Nak’d recipes to try this week, then open up your phone, and start making a list of what you will need.

Don’t procrastinate over this, just act upon it. I want you to have cooked and eaten all three of these meals by the end of this week.
That’s not too much to ask is it? Just THREE meals made only from Nak’d ingredients?

Promise me that you won’t go back to your old habits after doing this? Take action NOW and I promise that you will soon start to see results in your health, physique and energy levels.

If you want more, you can always head over to the LM Fitness Facebook page and like, follow and share our social media pages, or head over to our website and check out our bespoke online packages.


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