Three Reasons you Shouldn’t Bother joining a Gym this January!

The gyms are gearing up, and their marketing teams are plotting the best advertising campaigns to get you to walk through the door with your credit card at the ready.

Come January the 1st, previously deserted and empty gyms across the country will become heaving with people who have promised that THIS YEAR they are going to get fit!

It’s likely the same promise they made to themselves last New Year, the one before that & probably a dozen New Years before that.

New Years resolutions are the number one reason that people from all walks of life cough up extortionate amounts of dosh on a monthly basis to sign up for a 12, 18 and sometimes even 24 month contract. And this contract can’t be broken without the worst possible injuries known to man, confirmed by your doctor in writing (which insultingly you have to pay even more money out to arrange).

Well, as a Personal Trainer, Gym Addict, Fitness Fanatic and former Gym Worker, I am going to share with you some cast iron reasons to take a different approach and potentially save yourself some cash in the process.

Here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t join a gym this New Year

#1 You Probably Wont Even Go!

When I use to work in the gym, I started out as a Membership Advisor whilst I was studying to become a trainer, and I was the one that made you part with your hard earn money!

I would see a flood of people desperate to change their ways, to get slimmer, fitter, healthier, more active. They would plan to come to the gym 3 or 4 times a week, attend classes, stick to their personalised induction programme, pound the treadmill whilst listening to their iPod.

They had a goal & they wanted to achieve it! They were on a mission, new trainers and everything!

Then, when I moved to the Fitness team, I would be the one welcoming you into the gym, giving you the induction programme, and planning the review meetings.

Every night I would have to check the programme cards of all of those new members to see if they had completed their workout/s… After a few weeks, maybe four at most, the number of visits per week would reduce, their class booking would be flagged as “No Shows“, and eventually they would just stop showing up altogether! But guess what, that monthly direct debit just kept on rolling!

In fact, only about 6% of people who join the gym in January ever achieve their goals! Brits waste £37 million EVERY year on unused Gym Memberships! 😯

Whether it is the equipment that you are intimidated by, your own perceived ideas that everyone is watching you, the actual commute to the gym or perhaps your lack of exercise knowledge that puts you off, just save the money and work out at home or outside instead!

#2 It Costs WAY too Much Money!

Yes, I appreciate that there are several “cheap” membership gyms that offer a good selection of equipment and classes available these days, but do you really get what you need from them?

Often these cheaper gyms are packed to the rafters with BIG Arnie-esque type guys who grunt loudly, smell of sweat and lear at the ladies lycra clad bums!

Believe me, I am not making this up, I was a member at one of them!!!

But these gyms don’t employ full time staff, there is no one around to ask for help and if you want a programme writing for you, then you need to book AND PAY for a Personal Training Session. Truth is as well, these PT’s aren’t being paid to help you! They are there to help you set up and then try & get you to sign up for sessions. So often, unless previously established, these trainers are newly qualified and just learning the ropes.

So, it comes down to the age old saying “You get what you Pay For“…. very little!

If you join one of the more old-school chain gyms, then you are often looking at a monthly minimum membership of £35-£75 per month! Ok, so £35 isn’t too bad if you use it regularly (see point number 1), but £75 a month!!! 😳

Don’t think I am making this up, I have PT clients who are tied into a membership paying £80+ per month and they still don’t go to the gym! Shit, if i was paying £80 a month for something I would definitely make sure I got my moneys worth… wouldn’t you???

My point is, be completely honest with yourself, are you going to go and can you justify paying that much money per month for something you aren’t going to use? 🤔

#3 It Takes too much time!

Get your gym kit ready, get in the car, drive to the gym, find a parking space, get changed, wait for each and every bit of equipment that you want to use to become available, have a shower, dry your hair, get dried off, get dressed, queue at reception to try and book a class that is already fully booked for the next two weeks, go to the car, drive home, then after you have done all of that, you can cook your dinner and eventually sit down!

Sheeesh! I am knackered thinking about it. Again, believe me, I use to work a 9-5 and when I did I was a member at a very expensive, red branded gym chain here is Northampton. I use to go through this whole process EVERY day! ARGGGHHHHH! It drove me mad. Eventually I stopped going and started training at home, and then I started to work in a gym, so the commute became a lot less stressful!

But take away all the waiting, driving, and faffing around and how long do you actually spend working out in the gym… 30, maybe 40 minutes at best!

Save your time and don’t join the gym!


This January, don’t join the rat race and be another statistic that doesn’t use their gym membership or achieve their goals. Find yourself a reputable local freelance class and/or personal trainer and invest in your health and fitness with something that is tailored to you, fits in with your work & family needs, will offer you more than just a membership number and swipe card (because to them you are just a number), support the local businesses and above all, chose something that is going to get you the results that you want in less time, with no hassle at all.

Be totally honest with yourself, if you join a gym, are you going to use it?

New Year resolutions are totally overrated!

If you are local to Northampton then book A free, no obligation Consultation with me today CLICK HERE.


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