The highest & lowest sugar yielding fruits!

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Although the sugar may be a naturally forming one, it is still SUGAR and you should still know roughly how much you are consuming… shouldn’t you?

So here are the top 5 highest & lowest sugar containing fruits!



  1. LYCHEES – This fruit seriously packs a sugary punch with 29grams of sugar per cup. That’s an epic sugar rush waiting to happen. BUT, with 136mg of calcium, this fruit is also good in moderation.
  2. FIGS – A cup of raw figs will give you 27grams of sugar, so about as much as a chocolate bar really. However, unlike the chocolate bar, the fig will also give you a healthy dose of fibre and potassium.
  3. MANGO – This summer fruit hands out an impressive 23grams pf sugar per cup, and you probably guessed it is quite high with its sweet taste. But again, like with many fruits it will also give you a third of your daily recommended amount of Vitamin A, so in moderation it’s serves a purpose!
  4. CHERRIES – With pips, one cup of sweet cherries has 18 grams of sugar. No wonder it’s so easy to pop them like candy! Fortunately, they may also help you sleep better at night .
  5. GRAPES – Both red and green grapes contain 15 grams of sugar per cup. The red kind are also rich in antioxidants, though, and both offer a good shot of fiber.


  1. AVOCADO – Although probably not a fruit that you thought os initially when seeing this blog, an avocado in its entirety will only give you 1 gram of sugar! ONE GARM!! Plus a healthy shot of the goods fats that will help you stay fuller for longer!
  2. CRANBERRIES – Traditionally a winter berry, the cranberry should be an all-year fruit. One cup of fresh cranberries has only FOUR grams of sugar. Plus cranberries are great for healthy kidneys and Urinary tracts.
  3. RASPBERRIES – A tried-and-true smoothie ingredient, these add five grams of sugar per cup. Bonus: they’ve got more fiber than other berries, so they’ll help you fill up.
  4. BLACKBERRIES – With a mere 7grams of sugar per cup, there’s no need to worry about having a few more than you meant to!
  5. STRAWBERRIES – One cup of raw strawberries serves up just  grams of sugar, along with 85mgs of vitamin C—just over the daily recommended intake of 75 milligrams. Plus they are great for your oral health and have properties that can help to stave off sore throats and mouth ulcers!

And there you have it, and now you know. So next time your tucking in to a punnet, you can rest assured you know if you are going high sugar or low!


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