Four Ways to make your Plain Yoghurt Healthy & Exciting!


NUTRITION logo copyI am forever telling my PT clients to stop eating the “low-fat” yoghurts and go for the full fat plain yoghurts, especially Greek Yoghurt when trying to clean up their diets.

It is an acquired taste i suppose, being so thick, rich and a little sour, but Greek yoghurt can be spruced up into something quite yummy very quickly.

Here are my top tips on getting creative with your you-pots!

  1. Chocolate Mousse – Whisk up the yoghurt until it is light and fluffy and then melt in some rich dark chocolate and a small amount of organic honey for a creamy, super delicious chocolate & honey mouse.
  2. Fruity Froyo – Blend up equal amounts of yoghurt & frozen berries until its all mashed up together and colourful, add a small drop of vanilla extract for taste if you want to as well. Decant the mix into a ramekin and enjoy…guilt free!!
  3. Pineapple Coconut Treat – I love a good pina colada and if you are like me then you will love this… In a glass, alternate layers of cubed pineapple, yogurt, and toasted coconut flakes. Top with a few chopped macadamia nuts and freshly grated nutmeg. YUM!
  4. Flavoured Yoghurt – If you have some flavoured nesquik or whey protein powder laying about, add a small tablespoon to your ramekin of yoghurt & mix up. For added punch add a few slices of fresh banana or some berries.

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