Beans, Beans… The More you Eat the more you………. ;)

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If you’re trying to lose weight, consider beans your new best friend.


But I am not talking about Baked Beans here… Well not the tinned variety anyway!

Beans once received a mixed bag of reviews within the weight loss community, one group would say, they’re high in carbohydrates, which discouraged many dieters. Whilst the other group would say, beans are complex carbohydrates, non-processed and natural, which means that they may be extremely effective for weight loss, especially when using them as a substitute for processed grains. ARRGGHHH… Who do you listen too???

Several studies have completed and touted the health benefits of beans. A 2013 study done by Loma Linda University found that “a high-fibre bean-rich diet was as effective as a low-carbohydrate diet for weight loss,” while another study revealed that “bean eaters weighed, on average, seven pounds less and had slimmer waists than their bean-avoiding counterparts.

Not only is eating beans for weight loss highly effective, but these fibre-filled, nutrient-rich legumes are friendly on the wallet too!!! 😀

There are a wide variety of different bean recipes for weight loss that can help you shed those pounds.

Here are a couple that you can try out at home:

  • Black Bean Rice

This simple recipe is actually considered a staple in many Latin American countries, a straight-forward meal of black beans and rice that will fill you up and help you burn off  pounds.

Check out the full Recipe via the Shapefit site below:

Recipe from: Shapefit

  • Roasted Chickpeas

Finding a healthy snacks or side dish can be a little tricky sometimes. But these spicy roasted chickpeas make a fab alternative for chips to munch on, or they can be served as a part of a meal.

This recipe is super easy and super yummy: All you have to do is season and roast. Check out the full recipe on the PopSugar site below.

Recipe from: PopSugar

  • Southwestern Black Bean Chilli

Chilli is one of the most popular comfort food dishes around, and a staple meal among many families, especially during the winter months. This version below is loaded with weight-conscious black beans and removes the ground beef, but feel free to add lean ground turkey for extra protein.

Check out the full recipe from the Health website below.

Recipe from: Health


There are literally hundreds, thousands of fabulous bean recipes available on the internet. Why not give one or all of these above recipes a try & then search for more on the web, and keep beans a strong and staple part of your diet.

Beans are Fantastic for weight & fat loss, so keep them coming. If you have a favourite Bean recipe, please feel free to share with us in the comments below. We would love to hear them.

And don’t forget to share, subscribe and follow me on other social sites to keep p to date on new posts, recipes and workouts.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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