How to Rid Your Thighs of Cellulite

lifestyleHaving cellulite is something that nearly ALL women (and some men) have to endure at some point, and it can feel like a constant battle to shift those pesky dimples from the legs and butt!

BUT, there are ways to reduce the appearance and improve of the dreaded orange peel looking skin, and it won’t cost you the earth either! Just a little bit of consistency and effort!

Firstly, what is cellulite?

Under the skin is we our fat cells lay, and these are surrounded by connective fibres and tissue.
When these fat cells start to reach their capacity of stored body fat, they can only move in one direction… outwards, towards the skin.
The connective tissue acts a bit like a piece of string that is held taught over the top, and forces the fat cells to bulge. Imagine filling a balloon with water whilst it is inside a net or pair of fishnet stockings.
When the balloon starts to reach its capacity, it will start to bulge between the fibres.
This is what leads to the appearance of cellulite through the skin. celllulite-1

It is important that you realise that cellulite is NOT a skin condition! And this means that it can’t be remedied with expensive creams or fancy cosmetic products.
It really needs to be tackled from the inside.

So, how do we start?

I have a few tips on how to combat cellulite and start making progress in reducing the visible signs within just a few weeks.
Don’t get excited! I may say “only a few weeks”, but that is only just the beginning.
You need to work on your cellulite consistently to ensure that you get the best possible results.
Don’t stop once you are happy though!
Maintain your efforts and keep to the routine to ensure that it doesn’t return any time soon!


It is a well known fact that we are not able to spot reduce fat from any one specific area, however, we can work to improve the tone of the muscles of a specific area.
And this is where we start our journey to beat Cellulite.

  1. Increased fat deposits can hinder blood flow, and if you spend a high percentage of your day sat down, either at work, driving or at home, then blood flow to the Butt and thighs may be less than ideal.
    As a starting point, you want to work on increasing the amount of blood flowing into and through to the affected area. If you are focussing on your butt & thighs, then you want to be working for Squats, lunges, glute kicks, bridges, leg presses, deadlifts and so on, on a daily basis.
    Basically, anything that pumps the muscles of your legs & butt!
  2. Then, you want to start working on cleaning up your diet. Start to eat more clean, fresh and nutritious food and cut down on take aways, processed meals and generally junk food. You may also want to consider reducing or eliminating alcohol for a period of time too to help move the process forwards.
    We do not want excess toxins floating around the body whilst we are trying to remove the stored up toxins already within the body.
  3. One of the most crucial actions that you can take to help reduce your cellulite in to increase your water intake. Squeezing some Lemon juice into the water may help with the detoxifying process. Removing toxins from your body will go a long way in the battle of the orange peel skin.
  4. Swedish Massage can be extremely helpful in lymphatic drainage, carrying away brown down cells through the body for expulsion when you go to the toilet. Although this point alone will not rid you of cellulite, it will certainly help in combination with all of the other efforts that you are making. The act of massage will also aid the improvement of blood flow to the area, and as I already mentioned, this is really important.
  5. During your morning routines, maybe before you have your shower, try dry body brushing the affected area of your body. Always work in circular motions towards the heart so drainage occurs. You can also invest in a massage tool to work over your body whilst in the shower or following your shower whilst you are moisturising.
  6. If you enjoy a morning coffee, don’t throw away your used up coffee grounds. Nope! Transfer them into a bowl or jar, add a small amount of olive or coconut oil and smear the mix all over the effected areas. Wrap some cling film around and leave for 10 minutes, before showering to remove the mix. You are best to do this one in the shower and probably at the weekend or when you have ample time, as it can get a little bit messy!
  7. Finally, don’t spend too much time sat on your butt. Remaining seated for long periods of time will counter the work that you are doing to improve the blood flow to your butt & thighs. By reducing the blood flow, you will prevent the body from flushing the toxins and broken down cells away from the area.

As I have already said above, once you reach a point where you feel satisfied with your new firmer looking butt, DO NOT STOP practising these new routines!
Continue with them on a regular basis to further improve, and maintain the results that you have already achieved.

And there you have it, my top tips for reducing the appearance of cellulite.

I hope you find this useful and you succeed in your quest to firm up your Butt. Why not let me know how you get on, or other techniques that you may use in the comments below.



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