Healthy Swaps For your Unhealthy Choices!

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There are so many myths and BS stories out there about carbs. Carbs are the enemy!
Carbs shouldn’t be eaten after 4pm!
Carbs make you lethargic!
Carbs bloat you out! Blah blah blah!

Some carbs are the enemy! Some carbs shouldn’t be eaten period! Some carbs will make you lethargic and yep, some carbs will bloat you out.

In the carb family, you have simple and complex variations. Simple carbs are the bad guys! These are the ones that will cause you problems with how you feel! Simple carbs are basically sugars, natural and processed. So all those man-made foods & snacks that you eat, they probably have a high volume of Simple Carbs.
The Insulin Spike that these cause are what leads to the feeling lethargic.

I often liken these crashes in energy to the “post Christmas Dinner Slump“, IMG_2753-1when the entire family sits down after eating and basically, crashes out!
It’s not the roast dinner….
its all the sweets, drinks and puddings surrounding the dinner!

Complex carbs burn off less quickly in the body, “sustainable energy” is what people like to refer to them as.
But these guys are the good carbs.
Oats, Wholegrains, quinoa and sweet potatoes are all in the good gang.

The turret is , we all need carbs in our diets to function healthily, so a carb restricted diet is really not the best idea, especially not long term anyway. It can really screw up your metabolism and digestion.
Many people suffer this in silence – headaches, constipation, lethargy and irritability just from stripping out carbs! Or at least too many carbs!

How can we reduce our Simple carb intake though?
If you look at food ingredients, you will quickly notice that sugar is EVERYWHERE! It is so cheap, that manufacturers throw it in as if it is going to go out of fashion…. and sooner or later, it will.
Once people start to realise that it is actually Sugar that can be held accountable for so many cases of Obesity & diabetes in todays society.

By swapping a few food items in your diet, you can successfully reduce your simple carb intake quite dramatically. Here are a few of my preferred delicious swaps. 🙂

  1. Sweet Potato – swap your normal potatoes and chips to sweet potato and sweet potato chips. Don’t be fooled by its name! The sweet potato is less starchy and therefore less carby than that of the humble white potato. In my personal opinion it is also more flavoursome.
    But in all seriousness, the Sweet Potatoes nutritional value is far greater than the Maris Piper or other white spuds. It contains Vitamin A & C and is high in Fibre, which is great for our digestion.
    Mash it, boil it, bake it…. do what ever you do to a white spud… then enjoy it!
  2. Quinoa – Quinoa is one of these new “super foods” that has come into the public eye quite recently, and a lot people still aren’t really sure what to do with it.
    Try replacing your traditional white rice with quinoa, it makes a great replacement. Add it to a salad, make a risotto or a nice home made curry or why not try fried Quinoa for a different taste.
    Because Quinoa is un-processed it is a really fab source of plant-based protein.
    It is readily available in most supermarkets in the UK now, so next time you are picking up some rice, think twice 😉 – You can find some of my Quinoa Recipes either on my Youtube Channel (don’t forget to subscribe), or you can download my free Recipe Ebook, there may be a couple lingering in there too. (there is a link towards the bottom of this blog😊)
  3. Cauliflower – Now this may sound a little odd at first, I remember raising an eyebrow the first time I was presented with this idea, but bear with me… it actually works.
    Cooking the florets from your cauliflower just took a new turn.
    You can boil off the florets then fry them off whilst mashing them into a rice like consistency.
    Another great rice replacement that is full of nutrition rather than carbs.
    Honestly, give it a try. It works REALLY well.
  4. Porridge – Cereals that we commonly eat for breakfast are laden with preservatives and sugars, so swapping these cereals to a plain porridge or oatmeal is a great swap of simple to complex carbs.
    Although, make sure you are making your porridge with water, for added healthy benefits.
  5. Portobello Mushrooms – Are you a mushroom lover? Then why not change the bun of your much loved burger, from a bread roll to a mushroom?
    Now I know people who LOVE mushrooms and this would be like heaven to them. Grill the mushroom to make it super yummy and packed full of goodness for your body to enjoy.
  6. Aubergine – Swap out the pasta sheets in your home made lasagne and swap them for sliced Aubergines. Loads of nutrients and super yummy as well.
    Plus if you are one for getting bloated after eating pasta, this could just prevent you from feeling all puffed out and heavy.
  7. Leafy Greens – Why not try swapping your white bread sandwich wraps for a nice, crunchy and nutritious leafy substitute. Lettuce Kale, cabbage and so on. Good fibre, good nutrition and good for you! Just wrap the leaf around your filling, and lock in with a cocktail stick. Guilt Free Sandwiches!!!

And, there you have it. Like I said, you do need to eat carbohydrates, but we need more of the complex variety, than the simple. Try these simple swaps and see how much better you feel, and the benefits it will have on your waistline.

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Thanks for Reading 🙂


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